Saturday, 12 June 2010

Argh! Online shopping frustration.

Okay, so today is my younger sister's brithday, and Mama and I have tried to make it laaavely and special.  Sissy had chosen a few items of clothing on her birthday list, but unfortunately we weren't going to have time to head into town to get them.  "Not to worry," said I, "we can order them online." (Internet savvy as I am, as opposed to Mama, who thinks she's very "hip" for having Facebook (much to my dismay), but couldn't work out how to logout.  It's fair to say she's a bit of a technophobe.)

So, it was brilliant when packages started arriving.  Mama was thrilled, and I was pleased to have been able to help too.  One of the items we ordered slightly later than the others was a beautiful, purple, boho-ish sundress, which I know Sissy would have loved, from

Having ordered it on Tuesday, AND selecting next day delivery, we thought we'd be fine.  But sadly, that was not to be the case.  By Friday, the dress still hadn't been delivered, so after checking online at Boohoo, we found out that the order had been "successfully placed"... whatever that means.  We clicked to "track order" and were taken through to the City Link couriers page.  Now, they claimed that "delivery failed" on Wednesday.  However, there was someone home ALL DAY, and NOTHING was delivered! Nor any slip through the letter box saying they'd tried! According to City Link's website, they tried again on Friday, but actually, they didn't.

Not impressed.  Now Sissy doesn't have the dress for her birthday, we've paid for it, and we have no idea where it is!!!  I mean, I've checked our details online, and our address is correct, so the only thing I can think of is that the couriers keep trying to deliver it to the wrong address.

Highly annoying, and unfair on the sister.  Just a shame since we tried to make it so special.

Get it together, City Link.

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