Sunday, 6 June 2010


Hello one and all, and may I welcome you to Stellar Student Style!

Now, I'm not entirely sure if it's the student that's stellar, or the style (maybe neither, but hey, I try!)  Well, isn't this exciting?! The first blog post! No? Oh, well hopefully I'll blog about things that interest you a bit more in the future.

Now, I must tell you from the get-go - if you're looking for pics of the newest designer collections hot off the catwalk... well, thanks for coming, but bye bye!  Or if you want the inside scoop on the glamorous life of a New York fashion editor, I'm afraid to say you'll be out of luck here! (But may I point you in the direction of the fabulous, she'll give you your fix!)  However, if you haven't already left to search for a blog to fulfill your wishes, I'll tell y'all a bit about what I plan on sharing here on Stellar Student Style.

I'm merely a young student trying her hardest to nail all her academic work and exams and snoozefest things like that, whilst remaining as effortlessly chic, ideally in a Blake Lively sort of fashion, as is humanly possible on a student budget.  So I'll be sharing my thoughts, ideas and stories about balancing style and student, er, dom? (okay, so I'm not not exactly an English professor or anything!) right here folks. Anyway, stay tuned stylish people, and let's see how Stellar Student Style develops!

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