Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Many Joys of Student Discounts.

You can't deny it.  Heck, no-one could!  Student discounts are a major perk of, well, being a student!  Let me tell you now, 10% off goes a long way in Topshop!

Any UK teenager in 6th form (so basically someone who hasn't dropped out of school after GCSEs) can get a UCAS card FOR FREE, and that automatically entitles you discounts in Topshop, Motel, and Rare amongst many other fahbulous high street stores! Whoopee!  And that's not all, no siree!  We also get 10% off at Domino's Pizza (perfecto after you've had a day making use of your discounts in Toppers! - and who hasn't been craving one o' those bad boys every evening watching britain's Got Talent!?) and a fair few more little cafés and restarants.  Pretty sweet deal eh?

 "All you have to do is stay in school, and then life's like a permanent sale!? Well that's totally unfair!".  I hear what you're saying, and yes, some may say it is pretty cheeky.  But hey, you won't find me complaining!  I didn't make the rules.  Go take it up with Davey Cam if you've got beef (= an issue) with that.

To be honest though, what you really wanna be getting is an NUS card... although you gotta pay for one of those babies (£10, which you'd probably make back rather speedily.)  We're talking discounts in Miss Selfridge (and they just keep getting pricier), Odeon (awesome seeing as a cinema ticket costs more than a dress from Primark these days!), SuperdrugLa Senza and more and more... yeah, and more.  Even if you don't have an NUS card, you can usually wangle a discount in most of these places by flashing your UCAS or playing the "oh, that's strange.  I must have left it in my other bag..."

So what am I trying to tell you?  FOR GOODNESS SAKE, GET ONE OF THESE CARDS!  It's a hard life being a student, what with all the slobbing around and having your parents to look after you if anything goes wrong, so you gotta take everything you can get.

Happy spending :)

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