Thursday, 16 December 2010

All I want for Christmas... this Mulberry Margaret Mini Bag in Grape Suede!
Pic from Mulberry website
Isn't she preeeetty? Gotta be one of the cutest bags I've seen in a long time. So quintessentially British too, which I simply laaave, what with the little gold emblem. From far away you would think it would be something presitigous and royal, but the little emblem actually features British bulldogs, a teapot, a cupcake, and the words "We love tea and cake"! (IT'S LIKE THEY READ MY MIND!  I do love tea and cake!) And so for that reason, this bag and I are obviously meant for each other, which clearly justifies its £495 price tag, eh Santa?

Oh, Santa... while I'm on the subject... I wouldn't mind an iPad either.

Pic from
Ooh - so sleek, so chic, so delightfully un-necessary but so desirable all the same.  No, you can't deny that no-one needs an iPad. They are a complete and utter luxury. But a fun one. One that might make my life a bit more, erm, luxurious. You can understand that can't you, Santa? I'm sure you can spare a casual £429...

OK. As I'm doing this, I might as well just go the whole hog. Santa, I would like some Louboutins if you please.

Pic from Christian Louboutin website
Wow. Just wow. Don't they kinda take your breath away? These are the Pigalle 120mm high pumps, and have got to be some of the most damn elegant shoes known to man. They just ooze elegance and class if you ask me. Classic patent black leather + timeless design + that famous red sole = serious shoe envy.

So Santa, I'm not asking too much am I? What? I am?! Really? Oh, OK... no, don't worry... socks and a clementine'll be fine. Hey, a girl can dream on... *sigh*

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