Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Back to blogging, I promise

I have to admit that it's shameful how long I've neglected this blog. There's no excuse, really.  But I'm determined to get it going again (whether anyone reads it or not!)

I was recently discussing with a friend how it can sometimes be very difficult to start a blog.  You assume no-one's reading what you're saying, and despite enjoying getting your voice hard, you can't help but feel like a numptie who's talking to imaginary readers.

So I'm going to catch you up and be honest with who I am and what I'm doing:
  • I'm in my last year of school in the Midlands (in the UK that is) and have just finished all my uni applications for next year. Don't even get me started on how hard all that is, what with increased tuition fees, lack of places, cuts, blah-de-blah-de-blah... It's all rather stressful for the youth of today (and I sware our generation are all going to suffer from pressure and stress induced mental breakdowns before we reach middle age!) But that's not very cheery is it?
  • I've applied to Cambridge Uni (eeeep!), so am going to fill you all in on how that process is going, and what it's really like!
  • I am DESPERADO to break into the fashion media business in some way, but haven't decided yet if my main passion is journalism, PR, or where exactly I want to end up.  It's all one exciting voyage of self-discovery. (Did I actually just say that!?)
  • My friends always tell me off for "loving everything". What can I say? I'm an (overly-) enthusiastic, happy, optimistic person, and hopefully that'll come across in what I'm posting.
  • I'm starting part-time work as a waitress, babysit whenever I can, and am applying for work experience here, there and everywhere. (Ultimately, so I can earn some money to buy preeeetty things!)
So that's the basics. I've been thinking about restarting my blog for some time now after finishing my uni applications (ahh the many joys of UCAS), and thus having more time on my hands, but it was tonight's episode of Ugly Betty (*squeal* love that show, love her, she is my idol!) that actually prompted me to do so. So thank you, Not-So-Ugly-Anymore Betty,  let's both carry on blogging and make our ways in the world.

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