Sunday, 26 December 2010

Deep breath, ladies - it's sale time!

Yes, get excited - this is from
I have to admit that my debit card has been itching to be used from inside my wallet over the past two days. It knows the sales have begun, and is worried that if I don't hurry up, all the good bargains will be snatched up! And I'll be left with the dreggs, ugly stuff and size 28s. Sigh.

This is a major worry for me - sad as that may sound. At the end of Christmas Day, as I sat on the sofa watching "My Family Christmas Special" in a massive food coma (yet still piling in the Quality Street!), I kept receiving email upon tweet upon Facebook post bombarding me with news that THE MIGHTY SALES HAVE BEGUN!

Oh. God. I'm starting to hyperventilate and getting twitchy as I type. So last night and today I started checking out said epic sales online, but with little success. I'm just an absolutely pants online shopper. I hate it, really, I do. I can't bring myself to buy stuff without seeing it in the flesh first. I don't know why - makes me sound a bit like an old lady, doesn't it? If I happened to stumble across a Marc Jacobs bag reduced to £50, naturally I wouldn't let that opportunity pass me by, but it needs to be something really appealing for me to buy it online. Maybe I'm also a bit stingy in that I hate paying for postage (and then potentially returns if you don't like it/it doesn't fit... but that's why I am a big ASOS fan - it's all free for us UK residents! Alleluia!)

It freaks me out that everyone will have bought all the best sale items by now, but Boxing Day is like an extension of Christmas Day in my family, in that there's no way we'd ever go shopping (or anywhere else for that matter). It's all about home and family, and subsequently about craving shopping... in my case anyway.

So I'm super excited to be going on a big shopping trip with the mother and sister demain! Eeeeeep! *Can't quite contain excitement and isn't even ashamed*. The trouble is that I have a lot more "shopping stamina" so to speak, than my sister and mother (combined). I always just want to keep going and going (with my elbows at the ready I'll have you know), with boundless energy. Whereas they seem to need to stop all the time, and always want to move on to the next shop before I'm done. So what will probably happen is I'll leave them in Costa and head back to raiding the sale rails.

It is a bit of a massive undertaking, I must say, hitting the post-Christmas sales. It's best to go as early as you can, because later in the day the world and his wife all arrive (probably with his kids in tow too!) But I can't wait! I love sniffling out a good bargain me. And will let you all know  if I find anything super duper fabby.

Good luck with the sales, and I'd love to know any other tips, tricks or advice for finding success.

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