Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Revision = Epic Fail

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Now, that title could be interpreted in a number of ways. Ahh... aren't I clever leaving it all open-ended and ambiguous and stuff? No? OK. Moving on...

Basically, I have an A-Level Module Exam in January (I know, I know: "A-Levels are being dumbed-down, you didn't have these moduley-thingys back in your day, blah-de-blah-de-blah" I've heard it all before. And don't blame us kids - we don't control the system!) which I should be revising for over my Christmas holidays... also known as now. But I ask you, who's stupid idea was it to expect us to revise over the festive period!? I mean, c'mon! That's just mean. And if most teenagers are anything like me, which I'm thinking they are, it's just not going to happen. Hence my revision fail.

I started off the holidays drafting up a little revision timetable (and feeling very smug for being so organised!), but, unsurprisingly, I haven't exactly stuck to it.  You see, other things have come up, like shopping, and parties, and, erm, really good Christmas TV (naturally I can't just let it all clog up my Sky+ now, can I?)

Some of my friends have a whopping FIVE exams in January, I feel for them, really, I do. It's not much fun. In a way though, I imagine it might be a bit easier having more than one exam, because then it all seems a bit more serious and important, and thus, one might be more motivated to actually do some work.  The trouble with having just the one is that it's far too easy to dismiss it as not a big deal, and put off doing any revision.

But my exam is on 10th January, which really isn't very far away at all (and kinda freaking me out ever so slightly!), so I'm thinking I really should knuckle down and hit the books. It's not that the revision's majorly unpleasant, I mean, I like my subject and all, it can just be hard to get yourself to sit down at your desk and start... especially when everyone downstairs is chatting over Quality Street and Love Actually.

So the second meaning is: if I don't do any revision, I will most definitely fail. Not an ideal scenario. Right: tomorrow, dear readers, I SHALL REVISE! Don't try and stop me. It's going to happen.  And that's that. (I'm hoping that by blogging about it, I might feel ever so slightly more inclined to do some revision.)

Yes, revision will take place. Ooh yeah! I'm psyched. And if I don't manage to blog tomorrow, it's probably because I'm just too engrossed in my textbooks. Sorry in advance.

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