Saturday, 12 June 2010

Argh! Online shopping frustration.

Okay, so today is my younger sister's brithday, and Mama and I have tried to make it laaavely and special.  Sissy had chosen a few items of clothing on her birthday list, but unfortunately we weren't going to have time to head into town to get them.  "Not to worry," said I, "we can order them online." (Internet savvy as I am, as opposed to Mama, who thinks she's very "hip" for having Facebook (much to my dismay), but couldn't work out how to logout.  It's fair to say she's a bit of a technophobe.)

So, it was brilliant when packages started arriving.  Mama was thrilled, and I was pleased to have been able to help too.  One of the items we ordered slightly later than the others was a beautiful, purple, boho-ish sundress, which I know Sissy would have loved, from

Having ordered it on Tuesday, AND selecting next day delivery, we thought we'd be fine.  But sadly, that was not to be the case.  By Friday, the dress still hadn't been delivered, so after checking online at Boohoo, we found out that the order had been "successfully placed"... whatever that means.  We clicked to "track order" and were taken through to the City Link couriers page.  Now, they claimed that "delivery failed" on Wednesday.  However, there was someone home ALL DAY, and NOTHING was delivered! Nor any slip through the letter box saying they'd tried! According to City Link's website, they tried again on Friday, but actually, they didn't.

Not impressed.  Now Sissy doesn't have the dress for her birthday, we've paid for it, and we have no idea where it is!!!  I mean, I've checked our details online, and our address is correct, so the only thing I can think of is that the couriers keep trying to deliver it to the wrong address.

Highly annoying, and unfair on the sister.  Just a shame since we tried to make it so special.

Get it together, City Link.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The ad that makes me want to sigh, cry, and kinda die inside...

But that's all awfully depressing isn't it?  After those worrying feelings subside, this new H&M ad for their 2010 swimwear collection actually makes me extremely determined to slim down and tone up for Summer!

Contrary to what one may read all to often in the press, I don't think there's anything wrong with oh-so-beautiful models motivating us to take better care of ourselves and focus on our health and fitness.  It seems like as a young person you just can't win!  Either you shouldn't be so preoccupied with slimming and you're on the verge of anorexia (majorly frowned upon), or you're contributing to the growing and pressing current problem that is child obesity (equally frowned upon!)

We all know that the media and fashion houses are often slated for using models that are too skinny, and I think that's right.  When it gets to an extreme, it has to stop before the models themselves are in trurrrble.  However, it may be a little controversial in this day and age, but in my opinion, it's a good thing to show off specific examples of the human race that are on top form and in brilliant shape to motivate and inspire the rest of us inferior lot.

To be honest, it can't be denied that our society is obsessed with appearance... but it's unlikely that that's going to change any time soon, so why not just roll with it?  Over the past couple of months or so I've been working hard at eating healthily and exercising more, because I knew I had a few pounds to lose.  Now... I feel happier, more confident and have more energy, and I have had said H&M ad stuck on my mirror to remind me everyday of why I've been working so hard.  I mean, I'm being realistic here, I know I'm never goin to look like these models (not sure I actually would want to anyway!), but the ad has helped give me a slight kick up the backside, because hey, I'll be hitting the divine Portuguese beaches in a matter of weeks, and it's not a crime to want to look my best now, is it?

Plus, those bikini tops are a mere £3.99Hola!  Hit me up with one o' those little numbers (heck, for that price, why not snatch 'em all up!?)

More details on how I've ever so slightly slimmed to follow... watch this space.

What are your opinions on this ad that has been dominating plenty of fashion mags of late? Let me know :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Maximum Love For Maxi Dresses (See what I did there?!)

I'm not sure where this all started... probably on designer catwalks numerous seasons ago for all I know... but maxi dresses have invaded and taken over British high streets for Summer!  It's strange.  I could have sworn they were never that popular a year ago, but now, you can't step out anywhere without seeing maxi dresses-a-plenty on young laydeees (usually worked with the equally ubiquitous cropped denim jacket... this is England afterall, not Spain.)

I have to admit that I am a bit of a convert myself, having bought my first ever maxi dress a couple of weeks ago.  I've always thought of me ole legs as my best asset, so have been a mini wearing girl for as long as I can remember.  It takes a serious shift in the alignment of the planets to get me covering 'em up!  And so, my first ever maxi is this little (well, little-ish) beaut from Topshop:

Isn't she preeetty?  And for a mere £35 (£31.50 with my student discount!), I could hardly just walk past now, could I?  It has a sexily understated low-but-not-too-low back as well, which I rather lurrve.  On this same occasion, I also purchased some rather fabby tan sandals (okay, I had a bit of a Topshop spree... don't judge me, I'm only human!), which I think will go with said maxi just perfectly for day. What I particularly like about this one is that it's not too long.  I'm about 5"9, so not exactly short, but I didn't want to be forced to wear heels every time I wanted to wear my maxi (as I'm just not an everyday heel wearing kinda gal).  This one stops just at the ankle, so still does look lovely and dressy enough with heels in the evening.  And that's what we like, isn't it?  A dress with multiple options and ways to be worn.  (Students aren't exactly made of money!)

So what is it about maxi dresses that have stolen the heart of the nation faster than Cheryl Cole did?  We're all dreamers.  We put one of these gorge-issimo, floaty, boho, airy-fairy babies on, and BAM! we're practically lounging on the beach, pina colada in hand.  They are versatile too: dress up, dress down, throw on over a bikini (probably best saved for when you actually are on holiday though, not for a stroll down to Nando's.)

I also really like the idea of the maxis that are less boho, made of a sort of jersey, T-shirty material (alright, I don't know all the clothing materials, you've caught me.)  A couple of months or so ago I saw a fahbulous thick purple and white striped version in H&M, but I had to rush off, and the next time I was back, quelle surprise, said maxi was no longer.  (Which brings me to another point... WHY DON'T H&M HAVE AN ONLINE SHOP!? It's VERY infuriating!!)

Sorry about that little outburst.  Calm down, Stellar, calm down. 

So let me know what you think!  Where have you found your fave maxis? What do you think of the whole trend?  Have you been a complete sheep like me and followed the crowd?  And heck... I'll probably buy another one before too long!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Yes Herbal Essences, I like a happy ending too.

You know, I used to be such a John Frieda kinda gal, then I went through a L'Oréal phase.  Now however, I am well and truly converted to the awesomeness that is Herbal Essences.  I'm sure you've all seen their newest magazine ad for their Beautiful Ends Collection.  To quote the model (with gorgeously unrealistic hair): "I love a happy ending.  All 100,000 of them."

Now, I was a bit suspicious of the idea that these products would really do much for my split ends, (and I have very long hair so the ends are prone to getting a bit dry and brittle, which isn't ideal now, is it?), however something caught my eye in Superdrug.  I was just pootling around, testing out the make-up, looking for special offers, when I noticed that they were doing a deal of £3.50 for two products in said range... and I was in need of some more conditioner! So, never one to pass up a bargain, I bought the conditioner and the leave in cream.

My, my, my!  Not only have I gone and fallen in love with the lush silky, pretty pink that came out of the bottle, but both products really do work!  I'm mighty impressed with the leave in cream, especially.  Only takes a couple of seconds to apply to the ends, when your hair's either dry or damp, and poof! Split ends are banished!

I've also found myself in the posession of Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume Shampoo, and oh my gosh it's so much fun! (Yes, I am indeed talking about shampoo.  I lead a highly exciting life.) Not only does it smell like one of the most delumpcious scents known to man, the funnest part is the deceiving bottle.  Just get ready for this, it may blow your mind. 

So there you are, thinking you're just going to squirt out some of this lovely orange shampoo, but.. what is this? ZUT ALORS! It's green!  And that's not all folks, when you've used some of the shampoo and there's space at the top of the bottle... you realise that the bottle is actually PINK! I mean wow.  Just wow.  It's like magic... and certainly makes for much more entertaining showers, I can tell you that.

Here's what I'm wondering... Why haven't any other companies ever cottoned on to this idea before?! After having one of these babies, you'll never be able to go back to using a clear bottle with its simply coloured shampoo inside.  No siree.  In my opinion, Herbal Essences are on to a winner with this one.  And at their prices... I can see myself buying the lot!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Many Joys of Student Discounts.

You can't deny it.  Heck, no-one could!  Student discounts are a major perk of, well, being a student!  Let me tell you now, 10% off goes a long way in Topshop!

Any UK teenager in 6th form (so basically someone who hasn't dropped out of school after GCSEs) can get a UCAS card FOR FREE, and that automatically entitles you discounts in Topshop, Motel, and Rare amongst many other fahbulous high street stores! Whoopee!  And that's not all, no siree!  We also get 10% off at Domino's Pizza (perfecto after you've had a day making use of your discounts in Toppers! - and who hasn't been craving one o' those bad boys every evening watching britain's Got Talent!?) and a fair few more little cafés and restarants.  Pretty sweet deal eh?

 "All you have to do is stay in school, and then life's like a permanent sale!? Well that's totally unfair!".  I hear what you're saying, and yes, some may say it is pretty cheeky.  But hey, you won't find me complaining!  I didn't make the rules.  Go take it up with Davey Cam if you've got beef (= an issue) with that.

To be honest though, what you really wanna be getting is an NUS card... although you gotta pay for one of those babies (£10, which you'd probably make back rather speedily.)  We're talking discounts in Miss Selfridge (and they just keep getting pricier), Odeon (awesome seeing as a cinema ticket costs more than a dress from Primark these days!), SuperdrugLa Senza and more and more... yeah, and more.  Even if you don't have an NUS card, you can usually wangle a discount in most of these places by flashing your UCAS or playing the "oh, that's strange.  I must have left it in my other bag..."

So what am I trying to tell you?  FOR GOODNESS SAKE, GET ONE OF THESE CARDS!  It's a hard life being a student, what with all the slobbing around and having your parents to look after you if anything goes wrong, so you gotta take everything you can get.

Happy spending :)

Love may be Ke$ha's drug, but I need me some shopping.

Twas the night before Christmas... wait no, no, actually twas the night before my geography exam.  (I know, nowhere near as exciting eh?)  Anyway, there I was, lying in bed, struggling to get to sleep.  But no, this was not because my mind was buzzing through the stages of a psammosere (sand dune to you and me) or trying desperately to remember the landforms caused by rejuvenation (don't go there)... The reason that I couldn't get to sleep was, infact, because I was excitedly planning my next shopping trip in my head!

Oh yes, I've clearly got my priorities sorted haven't I?  The thing is, in the run up to exam season, I've just been cooped up in the house with my books.  And it is NOT, I repeat NOT fun.  (Even though half the time you're not really doing anything useful, but you say you're "revising".  I managed to persuade my parents that watching "Coco Avant Chanel" was French revision!)  So the point is that you end up not revising, or shopping.  Complete au bord de la.  (As in mer, meaning "mare", the more colloquial and shortened form of the well known "nightmare". You'll get used to my highly random lingo sooner or later.)

Sure, I hear you say, that's what shopping online is for.  And yes, I would reply, yes it is.  But c'mon... we all know it's not the same as walking round the shops, getting excited when something catches your eye, and the thrill when they actually have your size! Wahooo! And when you gather up all the gorgeous items you want to try on, and yes, the changing room may be stuffy and hot, and you may have had to queue for yonks... but just look how pretty you look! Oh, and don't get me started on sales and finding bargains, or else I may have to actually abandon this blog post and head off into town right now to get my fix.

I actually get withdrawal symptoms.  I do.  It's slightly worrying.  During term-time there are so few chances to hit the shops and it kills me that I may be missing out on new clothes, shoes and oh... bags!  It's not just me though, I sware!  My friends have all been feeling it too.  We're teenage girls and we just NEED to shop every few weeks, even if we don't buy much, or anything.  The gaping hole needs to be filled, or else we'll get very twitchy. (Yeah, those teens that you've always thought were on drugs?  Probs just haven't hit the high street for a while.)

I know it's awfully materialistic, and good Lord, my wardrobe is pretty much overflowing! (27 dresses? PAH! I'm creeping up for 40, Sweetheart.)  I can tell you now, once exams are over, I will probably clear out the high street.  It's gonna be sweeeeet!

But for now, it's back to the maths.  Happy shopping/revising!


Hello one and all, and may I welcome you to Stellar Student Style!

Now, I'm not entirely sure if it's the student that's stellar, or the style (maybe neither, but hey, I try!)  Well, isn't this exciting?! The first blog post! No? Oh, well hopefully I'll blog about things that interest you a bit more in the future.

Now, I must tell you from the get-go - if you're looking for pics of the newest designer collections hot off the catwalk... well, thanks for coming, but bye bye!  Or if you want the inside scoop on the glamorous life of a New York fashion editor, I'm afraid to say you'll be out of luck here! (But may I point you in the direction of the fabulous, she'll give you your fix!)  However, if you haven't already left to search for a blog to fulfill your wishes, I'll tell y'all a bit about what I plan on sharing here on Stellar Student Style.

I'm merely a young student trying her hardest to nail all her academic work and exams and snoozefest things like that, whilst remaining as effortlessly chic, ideally in a Blake Lively sort of fashion, as is humanly possible on a student budget.  So I'll be sharing my thoughts, ideas and stories about balancing style and student, er, dom? (okay, so I'm not not exactly an English professor or anything!) right here folks. Anyway, stay tuned stylish people, and let's see how Stellar Student Style develops!
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