Thursday, 27 January 2011

2011's daily micropleasures - installment 2!

Because it's the little things that really count:

Even yummier in teeny format - from
13th Jan - Foodstuffs in miniature
14th Jan - When you get (nearly) all the things on your shopping list.
15th Jan - Finding your room unexpectedly hoovered.
16th Jan - Waking up and just reading a book in bed.
17th Jan - Still being able to (just about!) do the splits.
18th Jan - Being complimented on your nails.
19th Jan - Sharing a pink iced donut.
20th Jan - Having a full tank of petrol.
21st Jan - When people notice your new hair colour straight away.
22nd Jan - Finding a new food that you love.
23rd Jan - Your hair when it's just been washed and blow-dried.
24th Jan - Going to the gym and finding no-one else there.
25th Jan - Planning a holiday.
26th Jan - When something you ordered online arrives.
27th Jan - The feeling after you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

And that's where I'm up to so far, folks... nearly a month in, and 11 to go! I hope they might make you smile for a brief moment in your busy lives, and remember the little things.

Here's where you can see my earlier micropleasures. What are yours?

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