Monday, 24 January 2011

Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Tint - Lusciously Lovely

After being bombarded with adverts and mentions in pretty much every women's magazine of late, I decided to go out and buy myself one of Maxfactor's new Lipfinity Lip Tint Pens.

To quote their website:

"Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen has a non-transferable water based formula that doesn't just sit on top of your lips but permeates the upper layers for a stunning kiss-proof effect. And its nifty pen applicator is perfect for precise application so you can build up the colour as much as you dare or keep it light and simple – you're in control!"
I went for the shade of Pink Princess, rather than a more reddish one, as I know pinky tones work best on me (however, I wouldn't say the colour is particularly pink, anyway). When I was in Superdrug, there were three shades to choose from, but according to Maxfactor's website, there are two new shades coming soon which I may just have to try.

I'm a bit of a lipstick-phobe, so was looking forward to trying this tint. I can strongly recommend them, folks! Depending on how strong a colour you want, you can either dab a bit on and blend for that just bitten look, or really colour in your lips. The felt tip application is so easy to work with. I also like using it as a liner and then smudging inwards, or just putting it on my bottom lip and then pressing my lips together to soften the colour over both lips.

But I haven't even mentioned the best part! IT SMELLS/TASTES SO GOOD! Literally, I kid you not. You will have to try hard to resist just sitting around all day licking your lips.

So go forth and tint your lips! Embrace a stronger colour than usual! Especially at just £5.99 (£2 off! Score!) at Superdrug, why not get them all!? Oh yeah, we're not made of money. Meh, get one at least.

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