Saturday, 29 January 2011

My love for all things vintage

Yesterday, I made a trip to my favourite local vintage shop, and proceeded to spend a good hour whiling my time away, getting lost in the treasure trove that it is. J'adore vintage! There's something about clothes, accessories, shoes and bags that have a story, a previous life and a history, that is just so exciting and interesting.

In a lot of vintage stores, everything is reeaaally expensive, which, unsurprisingly, is not ideal for a student. (What is more ideal is Primark, but realistically, who wants to spend all yor money there, on clothes that are mass-produced, worn by the masses, and then proceed to massively fall apart after a few wears?) However, mine is really rather cheap (Huzzah!) and they do a student discount (Huzzah squared!) Yesterda, I got the most beautiful indigo, chunky, slouchy, hand-cable-knitted cardie from back in the 70s, for - wait for it - a mere £7! I couldn't believe my luck.

I also snapped up this stunning mock croc little purse! A beaut, no? There are so many bags, and what with bags being my weak spot, I could have spent a small fortune. However, trying to preserve my hard-earned cash (waitressing isn't easy, folks), I just got the one. My reasoning was that I have loads of black, brown, blue, pink and... oh, well... lots of bags - but not a white one. Another bargain at £12. *Alleluia chorus begins*

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