Saturday, 1 January 2011

The stylish ways in which I'd like to flaunt my iPhone

I love technology. I love gadgets. I love smartphones. But most of all, I love my beautiful little iPhone. Now it's only a mere 3G (nope, that wasn't a typo - not even a 3GS), so yes I am rather behind the times, and tend to find myself admiring people with their godlike 4G versions. I would be utterly and completely lost without mine though. I seriously wonder how I ever functioned without it. I know that nearly everyone out there seems to have an iPhone or Blackberry these days, but I tell ya: once you get a smartphone, there's no going back.

So, as a girl who loves any excuse to accessorise, I naturally love the idea of doing so with my lil baby of a phone. And here are my top three ways of doing so:

  1. the Kate Spade range 
Pic from
I absolutely adore Kate Spade's designs - from her clothes to her handbags (via her iPhone cases!), and was very lucky this Christmas to receive a few little goodies designed by her. (You see, Santa was very clever and visited her pop-up shop in Covent Garden a couple of months ago!) After my trip to New York back in October, I've just completely fallen in love with everything in her collections, so am thrilled that this year she's opening a store in London! Alleluia! THis is one of her latest iPhone cases, and sadly are only for iPhone 4s (*sniff*), however, at a lot of places, such as the Apple store, you can still get ones for earlier (inferior, lamer, suckier but I don't care) models. I just laaaave them because they're quirky, cute and different.

Another designer I just can't get enough of (in my dreams, that is). Absolutely lush, I'd say. This is the "Mademoiselle Danger" cover for 3G iPhones (can I get a whoop whoop?), which I think is really a rather sexy little number, don't you agree? Not too in your face or gaudy, but still a bit different, and I think quite classy. I also love the range of jumbled logo iPhone covers in the Marc By Marc Jacobs collection, that come in an array of colours to suit all tastes. How does one choose just one is the real issue? I think the answer has to be to buy multiple, eh girls? To quote Naomi from 90210: "Oh my god! I'm wearing white and I have a pink shell on my cell phone!"

Mulberry Daria Messenger for iPhone - from
Ahh Mulberry, the iconic British brand. I would just die for a Mulberry handbag (actually, that's a bit far - but I would reeeaaally like one!) But, if like me, their prices are a trifle too steep, this iPhone case/messenger bag/wallet seems like the perfect way to get the feel of the brand without bankrupting yourself. Multifunctional too - can hold your credit cards and money as well as your phone. And so chic, non?

So there you have it, folks. Three of the ways in which I would love to protect my dear iPhone Let's face it - they're pretty much a necessity to keep our expensive phones safe from scratches and the like. Totally justified.

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