Tuesday, 8 February 2011

2011's daily micropleasures - the 3rd lot

My New Year's Resolution of noting down the teensy pleasures in life continues:

She looks pretty happy, no?
28th Jan - When someone is wearing or using a present you gave them.
29th Jan - When asking nicely for something is enough.
30th Jan - Feeling super clean after a shower.
31st Jan - Passing someone you know whilst driving.

1st Feb - Thinking of the perfect gift for someone.
2nd Feb - When the first shoots of the year appear.
3rd Feb - Finishing a big essay.
4th Feb - The feeling when you take off your high heels.
5th Feb - Smiling at someone across a room.
6th Feb - Watching wax drip off a candle.
7th Feb - Seeing the stars whilst driving in the dark.
8th Feb - Being asked how something important went.

Now who feels a teensy smidgin happier? I sure do. To hopefully lift your mood just a little more, try reading my previous installment of micropleasures here.

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