Friday, 4 February 2011

How social media can help you get into fashion journalism

Everyone know that to get on in the world today, it's all about networking, interning and who you know. So, being the ambitious young thing that I am, I'm working my butt off doing work experience here, there, and everywhere. Most people are usually really impressed with where I've got work experience lined up (Cosmo anyone?), and often ask me how I've managed it all.

Well, the majority has come about through enthousiasm and sheer persistance: let me tell you, lots of emails have been sent, phone calls made, and even the odd letter written (yup, even in this day and age!) However, I've also managed to use social media to get ahead... and here's how:

  • Twitter - This year, my school half term coincides with London Fashion Week (woohoo!), so there was no way I was just going to sit at home when I could be getting involved somehow. I follow oodles of fashion journalists and the like on ole Twitter, so a few weeks ago, tweeted lots of fashion editors, magazines and companies asking if anyone needed extra assistance during LFW, and asking them to retweet me. The response I got was amazing! Loads of people suggested people to contact, but most exciting of all: Cosmo's fashion editor tweeted back to me to call her at Cosmo the next day! *squeal* Oh. My. God. Was I excited or what? I genuinely couldn't believe I was even calling the Cosmo offices, and that they knew who I was! So after sending off my CV and a covering email explaining my situation, I'm now going to be assisting Cosmo's fashion team during the second half of LFW! Ahhhhh! Maybe I will just be getting tea, taking notes and holding umbrellas, but to be honest, even that is ridiculously exciting for me. Just  being able to meet these people will be like a dream come true. And all because I was proactive on Twitter, eh?

  • Facebook: I'm a "fan" of More! magazine on Facebook, and a few weeks ago noticed they'd posted saying they were offering some two-week work experience placements, asking applicants to email them with a covering letter and CV. Obviously, I did, and with great success! Who's doing two weeks work experience in More!'s fashion department!? Only lil ole me. *beams from ear to ear*

So what can I say, folks? It's strange to think that about five years ago, it wouldn't have been possible for these things to happen. Embrace technology and be proactive is my advice. If you don't try, you'll never know. Has anyone else used social media to further their careers? I'd love to hear your stories.

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