Friday, 11 February 2011

The joy of receiving a university offer!

Could be me in a few years! From
It's your average Thursday evening, 7.30ish, and I'm just taking a bowlful of pasta through to the lounge to devour while watching a bit of mindless TV. As you do. But as I'm getting my dinner, my iPhone "pings" in my pocket to let me know I've got an email. "Meh... that won't be anything important, I'll check it after eating", thought I. So off I went, munched through my mammoth bowl of pasta, and after a few minutes, remembered I'd got an email. I nonchalantely check my phone - and: OMG! "Update from King's College London. This email is to notify you of a new message or decision regarding your application to the Bachelor of Arts in French (four year) at King’s College London". AHHHH! Oh God, oh God! I pause the TV (how I ever lived without Sky+ I'll never know) sprint through to the kitchen, screaming to my mum.

The thing is, I'd been starting to worry I wouldn't get any more offers, and hadn't heard from any of the unis I applied to since early November (bar Cambridge, but they're just a special case now aren't they?) I was trying so hard not to get my hopes up, and technology was not helping. The internet servers on both my Dad's computer and my Mum's laptop wouldn't let me on to the KCL admissions site, so I was sitting there, tearing my hair out, as the page slowly loaded on my iPhone.

IT WAS GOOD NEWS! No, infact, it was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, THRILLING news! I started crying and screaming, and ran to throw my arms round my mum, jumping on to her (probably slightly crushing her at the same time). YIPPEEEEE! London, baby! I love the course, I love the uni, and I bloody love London! It's where everything happens, and if you ask me, is the fashion capital of the world.

Sure, I already had an offer in the bag, but wasn't totally smitten with it. I mean, sure, I'm sure I would've been happy there... but I was just desperately hoping for an offer from just one of my other three that I've applied to. I'm still waiting to hear from Bristol and Edinburgh (which are ridiculously popular and hard to get into), but it'll be OK now if they do reject me, as I have an offer from KCL. Boom. Thank you very much.

Considering how we read in the papers every bloomin' day about how "there're not enough uni places", "one in two applicants won't get an offer" and "life for students is going to get worse and worse forever", I was getting totally worried that I'd be forced to take a gap yah, thus having to suffer from the ridiculous fee-rise starting in 2012. Not cool, government. Not cool at all.

What's more, this was the eve of my Dad's birthday, and he said this news was the best birthday present he could've had (aww). However... he hasn't had my actual present yet - more on that later ;)


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