Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair - a definite success

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair does what it says on the tin, and has been travelling round the UK since 2005, just growing and growing. I went along to one last weekend, so now completely understand why: it's bloomin' brilliant.

It was just £1 to get in (being a student and all... but only £2 otherwise), and as soon as I entered, I was blown away. Stall upon stall of vintage loveliness and retro charm! Clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery, crafty bits and bobs! Homemade cakes and tea! The real cincer for me, dear readers, is that the majority of it all really was affordable too. Yup, even for a student. We're talking silk scarves for £3, jumpers for £10, and a classic Cartier watch for just £15! Naturally, I had to snap that up - it's now sitting proudly on my wrist.

The fair visits 22 UK cities, all listed online, so if there's one not to far away from you, I'd definitely recommend going - you won't regret making the effort! What I loved as much as all the delightful vintage, was doing a bit of people watching amongst many of the quirky visitors - always interesting and amazing streetstyle inspiration, dont'cha think?

I ADORE vintage everything, but often it is just so expensive. I mean, what makes something vintage, as opposed to just secondhand? Is a vintage sale that different from a jumble sale? It seems that there's a real stigma attached to the word "vintage" these days, and everyone wants something with that label on it. This in turn, would seem to drive a lot of vintage sellers to think they can charge extortionate prices. But not at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, no siree. And I tell ya folks, I'll definitely be going back. Keep this one on the DL, and get in there first, because I bet the world and his wife will have cottoned on before we know it, and there'll be nothing left for us! Ssshhh...


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