Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pre-Fashion Week excitement and nerves! What to wear?

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Oh my giddy aunt! Tomorrow I'm getting the train down to ole London town to assist the Cosmo fashion department at London Fashion Week. Pinch me!

Here are the emotions I'm currently feeling: excitement, disbelief, nerves, apprehension, joy, lil bit of fear, enthusiasm and, well... hunger (but that has nothing to do with Fashion Week. It's just dinner time.) The thing is, everyone has a bit of fear for the unknown, and I can safely say that I haven't the foggiest idea what I might be doing over the next few days. It might be the odd coffee run, then they'll be done with me. Or I could be following the fash eds round to meet designers all day long. Either way... I CAN'T WAIT! Seriously, just being able to see these ladies int he flesh (let alone meet them) is, like, majorly exciting. When I went to New York last October, I went and stood in the foyer of the Condé Nast building purely to gaze in awe at the people going in who worked there (and desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of Anna Wintour!)

I've never checked Twitter as much as I have over the past few days, what with LFW kicking off yesterday. I feel like I've been on the FROW (front row, dahlings) vicariously through all the fabulous fashion people I follow. Not to mention the many celebs who've been spotted at the shows! Olivia Palermo, Pixie Geldoff, Jameela Jamil to name but a few. All fabulously dressed, naturally.

Which leads me to a big dilemma: what THE BAJEEZUS do I wear?!? It usually takes me ages to pakc, but today it was just silly. I'm likely going to find myself surrounded by fashion journalists, models and designers, all of whom will be impeccably stylish. And then there'll be me. Oh dear... Well, you can only do your best can'tcha? But, God... I just imagine the Cosmo ladies judging me when we meet. What if they immediately dislike me!?

I think I need to calm down. This is the hunger talking.

Well... fingers crossed I have a fabby few days! Hopefully I'll actually be able to be a help too. Will report back on my experiences, naturally. So watch this space!

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