Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Spring Fashion Has Sprung!

Rejoice, mes amis! For January is over for another year! We have all (just about) made it through the gloomiest, suckiest, dullest month once more, and things are starting to look up. Oh yes, here comes my Springtime optimism (if slightly prematurely)... today I saw some shoots popping up out of the groud, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Let's just ignore the rain early on, shall we?

But seemingly even keener to welcome Spring than me, is the British high street. I swear the Spring collections pop up earlier every year. After having a browse a few days ago, I can safely say that anyone like me won't be disappointed! Naturally, nautical pieces and florals have come round once again like clockwork (but realistically, we want to wear them each Spring), along with the beginning of 70s style pieces which are set to be huge this Spring/Summer according to trend forecasters (and every single British fashion magazine!)

I particularly liked the simple feel to H&M's new stock, which is rare for me (usually a more-is-more kinda gal). Flicking through their latest catalogue which I picked up instore (I know, since when do H&M do a catalogue and mail order? Well I'm not complaining. Much better than their previous catazine attempts in my book anyway), all I wanted was for the sun to come out so I could start wearing pretty little skirts (without tights) and T-Shirts (that actually aren't hidden under mulitple jumpers and coats).

So for now, Britain, I suppose we shall just have to wait. We can gawp at the pieces in shops, buy them, and then gawp some more at them in our wardrobes, while waiting and desperately hoping that it might eventually warm up. Alternatively, a holiday might just do the trick...

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