Friday, 4 March 2011

2011's Daily Micropleasures - installment 5

Continuing my New Year's Resolution of noting down a micropleasure each day, thus not forgetting the little things in life that make me smile. I have to say, by noticing things every day that could be my daily micropleasure, I really am appreciating life's little joys. Try it!

17th Feb- When you get to a clear patch after driving through fog. Ahhh it's so clear now!
18th Feb - When you've done longer on a gym machine than you thought.
19th Feb - Using a new toothbrush for the first time.
20th Feb - Friendly strangers. Not overly friendly in a creepy way, though...
21st Feb - Discovering a nice new cafe.
22nd Feb - Unexpected freebies! Whoop whoop!
23rd Feb - Freshly-painted nails.
24th Feb - The sound of horses trotting.
25th Feb - Sitting down with a cup of tea and a magazine. Ahh, that hits the spot.
26th Feb - Making up with someone after an argument.
27th Feb- When your bed is warm from an electric blanket.
28th Feb - A red traffic light turning green as you aproach it.
1st March - Finishing a long blog post.
2nd March - Getting the new issue of your fave magazine each month.
3rd March - Bare tree silhouettes infront of a sunset.
4th March - The warmth of the sun on your face. Just re-typing this has made me smile.

Anyone feel just a smidgen happier? Have I brightened your day just a little? Hope so! And if you liked that, here's a link to the last installment. What are your micropleasures? Spread the joy and let me know...

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