Thursday, 24 March 2011

Installment 6 of 2011's Daily Micropleasures

Here we go - I can't believe I'm nearly a quarter of the way through the year, and the micropleasures just keep on coming!

If it's good enough for Blair Wladorf...
5th March - Being early when you had thought you might be late.
6th March - Sunday night dinners en famille.
7th March - Wearing a ribbon in your hair.
8th March - The feeling after you finish a run. Even if it was only 10 minutes long before you collapsed in a heap, completely out of breath.
9th March - Getting into a bed made-up with freshly washed bedlinen.
10th March - Getting the last flapjack. Score!
11th March - When blossom appears for the first time each year.
12th March - Coming back to your parked car to find a space opposite so you can drive straight out. No-one like reversing, do they now?
13th March - Bonding over shared memories.
14th March - Singing at the top of your voice whilst driving alone. Yes, I may have received a few strange looks from passers-by...
Who wouldn't want one of these cuties?
15th March - Coming home to find a parcel waiting for you! Super exciting, no?
16th March - Winning a freebie competition! Thank you,
17th March - When you throw rubbish at the bin and it actually goes in! (Thanks to my bro for that one.)
18th March - When someone says "hi" to you that you weren't expecting to do so.
19th March - A cloudless, blue sky. It's the simple things really, isn't it?
20th March - The smug feeling when you use a discount voucher.
21st March - Wearing new clothes. And it's doubly awesome when friend's notice and compliment on their newness!
22nd March - The smell of freshly-cut grass. Hello, Summer.
23rd March - Planning a surprise for someone.

Lovely little micropleasures, no? If you liked these, take a gander at the last ones here - they may just make your day a smidgen better.

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