Sunday, 24 April 2011

Daily Micropleasures of 2011 - the 7th lot

 For those of you who haven't seen any of my previous installments, as a sort of New Year's resolution, this year I'm noting down one little thing that makes me happy everyday - the teensy pleasures that we often forget, and so I've been sharing them with you as I go. (Here's the link to my last post)

24th March - Not feeling cold outside.
25th March - Turning straight out of your driveway without having to wait for a gap in the traffic. Go! Go! Go!
Pretty much moi. -
26th March - Picking wild flowers.
27th March - When sticky labels on the bottom of your shoes come off easily. So satisying, no?
28th March - The rush of performing.
29th March - The sun shining through the gaps in your curtains when you wake up. Almost makes you not want to curl up like a foetus and hibernate to avoid getting up. Almost.
30th March - Starting a new planner, journal or notebook. Oooh the possibilities!
31st March - Helping someone with their schoolwork or a project.
1st April - Scraping out (and eating!) the remains in a mixture bowl. I am so good at this I should get paid.
2nd April - Sitting down after you've been standing for hours.
3rd April - When someone loves a present you worked hard on.
4th April - Improvising or inventing a new recipe. Usually involving chocolate, and, err more chocolate.
5th April - When a made-up recipe turns out well. And chocolatey...
6th April - Finding a lost earring.
7th April - When you can breathe again after having had a blocked-up nose. Sweet relief!
8th April - The feeling after stretching.
9th April - The feel of your teeth after you've just brushed them.
Work it, girlfriend -
10th April - Wearing sunglasses for the first time each year. And looking dayum cool doing so.
11th April - The feel of just-moisturised skin.
12th April - When your freckles start to come out from the sunshine.
13th April - Learning to pronounce new foreign words. But my Dad will never learn that it's "grath-ee-ass".
14th April - Getting the courage to talk to someone.
15th April - Meeting someone you admire.
16th April - When conversation flows so easily you don't even have to think about it.
17th April - Catching the sun and getting slight strapmarks.
18th April - Stumbling upon somewhere cool that you hadn't planned on going to. Even for a compulsive planner like myself!
19th April - Giving "thank you" cards.
20th April - The smell of a takeaway on your journey home with it. Nom nom nom.
21st April - When the person across the train table leaves and you can stretch your legs out.
22nd April - Praise from someone senior.
What a happy and colour co-ordinated family -
23rd April - Picnics in the sunshine.

Woah, that was a lot - didn't realised I hadn't updated y'all for so long. Anyone else got any micropleasures they'd like to add to cheer up everyone's day? And Happy Easter, lovely blog readers! Hope your day is as deliciously chocolate-filled as mine :)


  1. This was an enjoyable blog. Happy Easter :)

  2. Thanks Ella, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy Easter to you too!


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