Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Royal Wedding Fever

Don't they just seem so lovely?
Oh yes, folks, I'm one of those people. The people who absolutely love any festivity, party or occasion. I love being the hostess, and my ridiculous enthusiasm for general life means I get reeeaally into any event. So needless to say, I am just a smidgen excited about tomorrow's Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (personally, I prefer to call her Kate... can't help but feel like we're chums.) That's the thing about Wills and Kate, they kinda seem like normal people - though what normal people are constantly utterly composed and charming I don't know. They're the new generation of royals and are doing things their way. Keeping the monarchy cool. I like that. For example, I'm totally digging how they're embracing social media and Youtube for tomorrow's festivities.

Personally, I think the Royal Family are awesome - I'm not like a hardcore royalist, but think what they do for our country is pretty darn amazing. When foreigners think of Britain, the first three things that spring to their minds are usually cups of tea, rain and The Queen, and I'm proud that we have such noble, seemingly lovely people leading the way and doing general good on behalf of all us less perfect Britons.
Outside Buckingham Palace a couple of weeks ago.
Having spent a couple of weeks doing my work experience just a few minutes from Buckingham Palace last week, I can safely say I've caught Royal Wedding fever. I can't wait! It's hard to explain why, but I just can't. I've got my bunting ready, we've made Victoria Sponge cake, trifle and chocolate biscuit cake (among many other yummy treats) for tomorrow's tea party, and my alarm set for tuning into BBC1 all day. Also, I'm sporting some rather cool Royal Wedding nail wraps - you have to look closely, but they feature tiny versions of Mario Testino's official engagement picture of Kate and Wills. Awesome much?

My nails have been Royal Wedding-ified!
I've also been to good ole Topshop and got me some rather British socks! Because, well, why not? Sure, it's buying things (some may say souvenir "junk") I don't need, but I just can't help but get into the spirit of the event!
Just £3.50 - less 35p with your student disount!
For some people, they couldn't give a fig about the wedding, and are fed up with all the media hype, which (naturally) I love - the speculation about who will design Kate's dress is killing me. (Please be Alexander McQueen!) So they can just enjoy a nice day off... everyone wins.
Yummy and cute!
But c'mon, haters - this is a blimmin' big deal. We're talking the wedding of out future King and Queen... and they just seem so nice! It blows my mind if I try to think about how the happy couple must be feeling right now... I imagine the day before a normal bride and groom's wedding must be stressful enough, let alone one that'll be watched by two billion people worldwide. I love the community patriotic spirit that's sprung up around the UK too - all the themed store windows, bunting and flags lining people's houses, and street parties, which I think really show off Britain in a good light. Sure, some people will say that the high street has just commercialised the whole thing with their Royal Wedding memorabilia, but I say "poo-poo" to them. I genuinely don't have a better response... they should stop raining on the country's parade (that may happen literally tomorrow, but you can bet that it won't dampen people's spirits - see what I did there? Ahh wordplay.)

So I'd like to publicly wish William and Kate all the best for tomorrow, and a lifetime of happiness. You guys rock! Who agrees with me? Happy Royal Wedding Bank Holiday, everyone!

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