Saturday, 2 April 2011

RECIPE: Rocky Choccy Biccy Bites

Embracing my recently developed desire to become a culinary goddess before leaving for uni in a few months (well, realistically I want to learn how to stir-fry and make a bolognaise sauce so I don't live purely off ready meals and take-aways - seemingly unavoidable for most students), I've been experimenting in the kitchen. I know baking isn't really cooking, but it's SO much more fun. And hey, I've got a sweet tooth, don't judge me!

I've made my own creation: Rachel's Rocky Choccy Biccy Bites. Sure, the name's a bit of a mouthful, but then again so are these morcels of heavenly goodness. They're like orgasms for your mouth. I kid you not. This is my twist on a plain chocolate biscuit cake, with - as usual for me - a "more is more" approach. Prince William has asked for a chocolate biscuit cake made by McVities for the Royal Wedding, and I'm a bit miffed he didn't pick me and these. Well, his loss eh? They'll never know what they're missing. I want to spread the joy of these yummies to the world... so here's how you can make them for yourself - just in time for a last-minute Mothers' Day or Easter treat:

  • 100g butter
  • 300g chocolate, broken into squares (I used a mix of plain and milk chocolate - it depends on your tastes)
  • 3tbsp golden syrup
  • 100g digestive biscuits, broken up into smaller pieces but not crumbs (or you could use rich teas.. ooh or even try Hobnobs!)
  • 25g mini marshmallows (or large ones, but cut them into small pieces with wet scissors first)
  • 100g Malteasers (be inventive - how about substituting a Crunchie bar instead?)
  • 50g raisins (or you could try another dried fruit if you prefer... the possibilities are endless!)
  • 17g cornflakes (I know it seems a bit precise, but that's the size of the variety pack I used. Or try Rice Krispies)
  • 25g butterscotch chips
  • Mini Eggs (optional)

Method (so simple a monkey could do it):

Prepare your tin in advance: I used a square one of roughly 18cm x 18cm, and just over an inch deep. It doesn't really matter though - they'll taste divine regardless of the shape. Line your tin with foil.
    Melt the butter, syrup and chocolate together in a large bowl (which will eventually contain all the mixture) over a low heat, stirring frequently (and trying not to eat it all as you go) until it's really smooth.  Let the butter/choc/syrup mixture cool for about 5 minutes, and while you wait, prepare the rest by measuring out all the rest of your ingredients into a separate bowl.
    The syrup, chocolate and butter
    Melted choc/syrup/butter colling slightly before being mixed with the rest.
Add the bowlful of biscuits etc to the chocolate mix and stir until they're well combined. Then spoon it into your tin, spreading as evenly as you can. I then added Mini Eggs to mine as an Easter twist, but you could do whatever you want really. (This is where you get to scrape out the mixture bowl too - the best part!)
    Before chilling...
Leave to chill until set hard, then cut into chunks/fingers/bites/whatever shape you like. And feast!
    Et voila!
    So I hope you enjoy my Rocky Choccy Biccy Bites (try saying that with one in your mouth!) I'd love to hear from anyone who tries them out, and any variations you try. Go crazy and be inventive! It's so quick, easy and rewarding. Job done.


  1. I'm going to try that! It looks yummy :)

  2. Oh please do! And let me know how you get on :)


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