Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Daily micropleasures of 2011 - installment 9

So we're about half way through 2011, and I'm definitely not running out of little micropleasures in my daily life. Here's the next installment to cheer you up:

3rd June - The taste of the milk at the end of a bowl of cereal.
4th June - When your biro writes extra smoothly having been in the sun.
90210's Shenae Grimes rocks it.
5th June - Doing the perfect topknot. Usually when you're not even trying, I find.
6th June -  When something you ordered online arrives. It's like being given a present... from yourself...
7th June - A chilled drink on a hot day.
8th June - Catching up with old friends.
9th June - When your family and friends are all supporting you.
10th June - Excitement after applying for something.
I think this women thinks she's an angel in heaven.
11th June - Getting into bed with enough time for a long read. And the subsequent dilemma: mag or book?
12th June - When a song comes on that completely reflects your mood.
Some of my granny's old jewellery.
13th June - Wearing something that used to belong to a relative. My late granny's vintage jewellery, for example.
14th June - The post-exam feeling. Wahoooooooo!
15th June - Getting a whiff of a nice smell as someone walks past.
16th June - When it's warm enough to walk home at night.
17th June - When fruit comes away from the stone easily. Like with a nectarine or a peach type of thing. It's rare, I find.
18th June - The first sip of a drink you love. Banana milkshake, anyone?
19th June - When the car you're overtaking slows down. Later, slowcoach!
20th June - Finding something you'd lost. Especially if it's one half of a pair!
21st June - When there's nothing hanging over you that you actually have to do.
I love these Edward Monkton designs.
22nd June - A "good luck" card. The little things that show people care.
23rd June - Booking holiday travel.
24th June - When you look at something and remember the story of when you got it.
Some beauties from my garden.
25th June - The smell of roses on a rosebush. It's just not the same once they're picked...
26th June -  A dog barking in its sleep. Never fails to amuse me.
Big-eared dogs are so cute!
27th June - A dog's ears flapping as it runs. My dog is like Dumbo - I imagine she'll take off into the air one day.
28th June - A dog chasing its tail. Mine is such an idiot, bless her.

And that brings us up-to-date, folks. As you can probably tell, I was thinking about my hilarious dogs towards the end there. Do your pets have any funny little traits you often take for granted? I hope that's brought a smile to your face, and don't forget to check out the last installment if you missed it.

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