Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Exams are nearly over for another year. Praise the Lord!

This how much I love my revision. Or how bored I was.
It seems like I've been revising for as long as I can remember. Literally. OK, maybe that's a bit extreme, but it sure has been dragging on! At the beginning of the Easter holidays everyone suddenly snaps into exam mode, and supposedly knuckles down for a few weeks. But the thing is, it's not just a few weeks. It's nearly three (very long) months! I genuinely can't remember what I did with myself before revision... but that happens every year. Why is it that when you're in the revision period and can't do everything you want to, you can think of a thousand other things you'd rather spend your time doing, but then after exams are over, all you seem to do is while away your new found free time through a combination of TV, Facebook and sleeping? I believe that is technically known as the law according to Sod.
Inviting, non?
My last exam is on Friday. Ah - ley - bloody - loo - yah! But in some ways this last week has been the hardest. We all get to that point where you just don't really care anymore. I've heard the term "revision burnout" tossed around. I try desperately to psyche myself up and stay motivated: "C'mon... just a few more days! Now is the time to change what letter appears on that email on 18th August! Must. Keep. Revising." The worst part is that loads of my friends finished last week, so have been rubbing their freedom in my face. My best retort so far has been (very maturely) to blow a raspberry back. (It does usually shut them up!)
Colourful stationary helps :)

With GCSEs, when you have 20-odd little exams, it's almost alright if you lighten up towards the end a bit, but this is not the case with A-Levels... no siree. Most of us do three subjects, thus have one uber-long exam for each, so I may only have one exam left, but it's a third of all my A-Levels, and thus still majorly important. Le sigh...
And copious cups of tea.
However, I've realised it's very important to make fun plans for when you've finished, as having something to look forward to in the difficult last few days of revision really helps. For example: the lil Sis and I both finish our exams on the same morning (although her little GCSE finishes an hour and a half earlier than my beast of an exam - in which I will be battling the clock and scribbling so manicly that I wouldn't be surprised if my hand fell off afterwards), so the darling Mother has organised for the three of us to go out to lunch and have some mini spa treatments! What a babe, eh? Personally, I think I'm gonna go for a massage and a mani (providing the aforementioned hand is still attached to my body, that is.) Then that evening, some crazy kid is throwing the standard "post-exams piss-up" (has to be done... charming as it is). And a couple of days later, I've got a shopping, cinema and old-school sleepover date with my best friend - nothing fancy, but it's these little things that can really get you through the dark times. Also - when you can't get out, online shopping and daydreaming about your Summer is a lifesaver. I've just ordered myself a cheeky lil bikini as I realised it's only a matter of weeks before I'll be on a hot, sunny beach!
Just think about hitting the shops!
Anyone else have any tips for getting through exams and revision? Good luck, fellow students!

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