Thursday, 30 June 2011

K-Middy, Catherine Middleton, The Duchess of Cornwall: MY IDOL

What's not to love!?
Yes, whatever name you may use to refer to Prince William's new wife (personally, I prefer the friendly "Kate"... we're on first-name terms like that, you see), nothing can take away from her awesomeness. It's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is about Kate that makes her such a good role model for girls and women around the world, but the fact that she is such a good role model makes me love her even more. I'm going to have a peruse of what it is that I love most about Kate (seriously, Wills had better watch out!):
  • Her classic, effortless elegance: Kate always looks classy and well put-together, and never EVER has a hair out of place. Most women will agree that this is a marvelous feat in itself. I genuinely think Cheryl Cole's role as L'Oreal lady could be under threat... although, Kate would never endorse a product, I'm sure. Whatever Kate wears sells out instantly, and I love the way she wears high-street pieces, then rewears them *gasp*, and champions British designers too. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing some snaps of Kate on her North America trip - she and Wills left for Canada today, and Kate's taken at least 30 possible outfits, so I hope we're in for some treats! She's a powerful lady, and could really help out British designers a lot by wearing their pieces abroad. Kate boarded the plane today boasting this Mulberry Polly Push Lock Tote in Midnight Shiny Grain (which will set you back a casual £895!), and je l'adore! (My Mulberry fund is a work-in-progress... Le sigh) And doesn't she look so chic!? Who doesn't want to be Kate right now!?
    Kate with her Mulberry today
    Another of my style icons is Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf (oh, to be able to scheme like that!) and so I love the fact that she and Kate both wore this same Jenny Packham dress. Ironically, Blair wore said dress in an episode when she was about to become a Princess. Kate left hers in the original longer length than Blair did, and wore it to the Ark Charity Gala on 9th June this year. I love both ladies, but in my view, our Duchess wears it better!
    Blair Waldorf and Kate both wearing Jenny Packham. What a waist!
    • Kate is always composed: It's true that we haven't heard her say very much, but in a way that adds to her aura. It creates intrigue, and puts her on an altogether higher, angel-like level above us mere minions. Whenever Kate does make public trips, she is always charming and keen to get involved with everything. She and Wills just seem like such nice people! Am I the only one who kinda feels like they're my cousins!? Just look at how sweet Kate was when she met this seven-year old little girl on the recent Armed Forces Day! According to the Daily Mail, the little girl's mother said: "It was really daunting but Kate completely put [her] at ease". Awwww. Anyone else totally jealous?

    Kate on Armed Forces Day
    • Kate is "one of us": Except she's not, is she? Not in the slightest. But still, it's nice to think that Kate is "the people's princess", having slightly more modest roots than the rest of the royal posse - her mum used to be an air hostess. What's more, the Middleton family seem quite nice and normal to me. I feel lots of middle class families can somewhat relate to them. I also love anything to do with James and Pippa, but I guess Pippa in herself is a whole other blog post (what the hell is the big deal with her arse!? I've seen way better in my time. Don't get it...)

    I'm now realising that it is EXTREMELY difficile to pinpoint exact reasons as to why I - and most of the world - love Kate so much. She just seems so lovely! Yes, that's it. She's utterly lovely, in every way. Can anyone think of another actual reason!?


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