Thursday, 2 June 2011

The next LOAD of micropleasures - installment 8

Continuing my daily micropleasures... it's a big'un as revision has prevented me from whacking a blog out for aaaages, but I was worried y'all would be despairing without these little joys to perk up your day-to-day lives. So... *deep breath* here we go:

24th April - Getting a seat for your whole tube journey. Success!
25th April - When no-one sits next to you on the train.
26th April - Realising you haven't got any make-up to take off before bed.
27th April - Prematurely summery weather. Ahhh I remember that Easter weekend...
28th April - Looking through holiday photos. The tan... the freckles... the highlights...
29th April - Wearing new socks. So soft and stretchy!
30th April - When your blog gets lots of views. Seriously - it makes me SO happy.
1st May - When the computer remembers your "log in" details.
2nd May - When your exercise for the day is done. Pass the cake.
3rd May - When you'd forgotten what you were going to say, but then remember it.
4th May - Fitting into a tiny parking space. Take that snazzy Range Rover, you wish you were my old Ford Fiesta now...
5th  May - When someone loves the food you made.
6th May - Singing dramatically when driving in the dark. And the awkward moment at a street-lit junction where other drivers see you...
7th May - The feeling after you do something you didn't want to do, but knew you should do.
8th May - Finally making a difficult decision. Cadburys or Galaxy - it was a toughie.
9th May - A proper, tight hug. Feel the love :)
10th May - When you can help someone out by giving them directions.
11th May - Your silk scarf blowing in the breeze. And feeling like you're in a black and white movie.
12th May - When you actually do something you've been talking about doing.
13th May - People who genuinely want to help.
14th May - Cheering someone up.
15th May - When your hair is wavy after being plaited.
16th May - When people reply to a text or email straight away.
17th May - The feeling at the end of a productive day.
18th May - Having a deep, meaningful chat with your mum. Can't beat it!
19th May - Getting let out of work or lessons earlier than expected. Always a nice surprise.
20th May - When someone apologises and checks you're OK.
21st May - Seasonal Summer foods for the first time each year. I'm talking asparagus, nectarines... Pimms!
22nd May - Getting close to an animal without it running away. Like a squirrel, rabbit or wild bird, I mean.
23rd May - When something you say makes someone really happy.
24th May - The smell and feel of your hair after you've been to the hairdresser. And the odd looks you get for constantly sniffing it.
25th May - Opening a book on the exact right page. Like magic, no?
26th May - When someone notices your haircut.
27th May - When someone calls "hello" to you as soon as you walk through the front door at home.
28th May - The smell of a bonfire.
29th May - Singing in the shower.
30th May - When you're congratulated by people you don't even know.
31st May - Writing with a new fountain pen. It flows so smooooothly.
1st June - Drinking through a straw. It just tastes better somehow!
2nd June - Trying on beautiful dresses that are way too expensive.

Well, that was a bit mammoth wasn't it? Hope I've managed to perk you up a bit... check out the last installment too, and don't forget to let me know your micropleasures!

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