Saturday, 6 August 2011

Finishing my fabulous fashion work experience at more! magazine

My epic card-making skills.
Working at more! has been such a fab insight. Today I got a peek in the beauty cupboard - oh god, I wish I had my own one at home – it’s full of pretty sparkly things, all lined up in colour order! Ahhhh… But geez I’ve been ready for bed – mentally and physically – by about 9pm every evening. It’s. So. Exhausting. How these ladies do it every day (and avoid looking like zombies) is beyond me. Nuff respect.
Sure, sometimes it can feel like as a fashion work experiencee you’re doing more tea runs, tidying and photocopying than anything fashiony or journalism-y… but then one of the fab ladies calls you an “assistant supremo” and you realize your free labour is appreciated, and you remember just how lucky you are to have this opportunity.

And as I sit here (yes, actually at a desk, as opposed to under an avalanche of clothes in the fashion returns corner!) in the office, I feel really positive about the past two weeks. I can’t deny that it’s been hard work, always desperately trying not to mess up but to make the best impression possible, but I’ve met some lovely, interesting people, and feel grateful for the whole experience. I’m sad to leave more!, but with experience and advice that money can’t buy as a result of my time here, I’m now uber excited about the future and what it might bring. Watch this space :)

[This blog was written by me but copied from more!'s tumblr page.]

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