Saturday, 6 August 2011

more! mag fashion work experience - it begins!

I don’t need to remind you all of how difficult it is to get any job these days (the papers seem to be chock-a-block with new depressing stories of youth unemployment, day in day out – snooze) let alone in the media and fashion industries, so when this ambitious young thing found out months ago that she’d bagged a two week slot of work experience in the fashion department at more! mag (which I read every week without fail), I was unsurprisingly over the moon. Fast forward through a casual few weeks of finishing school (A-levels, shmay-levels, eh?), and Monday 4th July had finally arrived.

After an early start to get the train down to London from the Midlands, a stressful tube journey and a sprint through Covent Garden (managing to resist getting distracted by the amazing shops nearby) with an awkward-sized (but very cute – pink polka dots!) suitcase, I arrived at more!’s offices, stomach full of butterflies. As I waited in the reception, mindlessly flicking through the new mag (the issue that hadn’t even gone on sale yet, whoop whoop!), two other stylish young ladies arrived and sat down next to me. I took the plunge and asked if they were here for work experience too, and they were. I hadn’t known whether to expect to be the only work experiencee, but it turns out there’s sort of a constant stream of us coming and going.

The more! offices have a lovely atmosphere, with lots of stylish ladies (and two lucky guys) beavering away at their desks. There’s also a communal food table in the corridor, which apparently is usually full of tempting cakes, chocolates and other random yummies, which I know I’ll fail to resist every time I walk past. I have no idea where all this food comes from (there were a load of random Danone Activias!), but if I worked here full time, I imagine I’d be obese within a matter of weeks. No joke.
Fashion returns, anyone?
After a quick tour, we were told to jump into our main job: the dreaded fashion returns (dun dun DUN!) I’m not going to sugar-coat it – fashion returns are tedious and not-exactly-interesting, but hey, we can’t complain. I know that everyone starts at the bottom, and all the fashion ladies that I majorly admire have done their fair share of fashion returns, so you just get on with it. And get on with it we did…
And that was day one! Exhausting, exciting and interesting… I can’t wait for day two!

[This blog was written by me, but I have copied it from more!'s tumblr page.]

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