Saturday, 6 August 2011

Week two of fashion work experience at more! mag: fashion shoots!

Outifts laid out by moi for a shoot!
The rest of my first week here unfortunately has featured fewer celebs (after the excitement of last week’s Big Kiss!), but consisted predominantly of – you guessed it – fashion returns. However, these were interspersed with price checking, liaising with PRs (and getting a kick out of saying “Hello this is Rachel from more!”), tidying the crazy fashion cupboards (a mammoth task), packing clothes, unpacking clothes, getting deliveries and hanging up clothes. After my first week, I could have sworn that if I ever saw another clothes hanger I would cry. Needless to say, I have since encountered such hangers, and don’t panic, I held back the tears.
It’s brilliant working with the ladies whose fashion wisdom I read every week, but I’m struggling to keep up with the constant stream of freelancers, part-timers and interns coming and going. I didn’t realise quite how many people were involved with the mag, but I guess that’s what work experience is all about – learning what really goes on. I’m definitely learning a lot while at more!, one of the major new experiences I’ve had being assisting on a fashion shoot. Well two, actually. When I found out that I’d get to go on one I may have let out a little squeal. Getting to see the stunning models (making me feel like an ogre in comparison) transformed by such skilled hair and make-up artists, watching the photographers do their thing, and learning how to use a steamer (I now really want one myself!) has been invaluable. With out Diet Cokes in hand on set, I felt like I was on an ASOS advert… and was loving it.

Unfortunately, one of the other work experience girls had to leave half way through last week, but now her place had already been filled by a newbie – it seems it’s not hard to find fellow ambitious girls willing to work for free to get a foot in, leg up or kick start in their careers. Just makes me realise how much I need to make the most of this opportunity really… I wonder what the rest of this week will bring!

[This blog was written by me, but I have copied it from more!'s tumblr page].


  1. I look forward to reading more posts about your work experience. I was there for 3 weeks in 2007, I wish i could turn the clocks back and experience it all over again! x

  2. Thank you :)it definitely is a hectic but great experience x


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