Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pre-Fashion Week excitement and nerves! What to wear?

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Oh my giddy aunt! Tomorrow I'm getting the train down to ole London town to assist the Cosmo fashion department at London Fashion Week. Pinch me!

Here are the emotions I'm currently feeling: excitement, disbelief, nerves, apprehension, joy, lil bit of fear, enthusiasm and, well... hunger (but that has nothing to do with Fashion Week. It's just dinner time.) The thing is, everyone has a bit of fear for the unknown, and I can safely say that I haven't the foggiest idea what I might be doing over the next few days. It might be the odd coffee run, then they'll be done with me. Or I could be following the fash eds round to meet designers all day long. Either way... I CAN'T WAIT! Seriously, just being able to see these ladies int he flesh (let alone meet them) is, like, majorly exciting. When I went to New York last October, I went and stood in the foyer of the Condé Nast building purely to gaze in awe at the people going in who worked there (and desperately hoping to catch a glimpse of Anna Wintour!)

I've never checked Twitter as much as I have over the past few days, what with LFW kicking off yesterday. I feel like I've been on the FROW (front row, dahlings) vicariously through all the fabulous fashion people I follow. Not to mention the many celebs who've been spotted at the shows! Olivia Palermo, Pixie Geldoff, Jameela Jamil to name but a few. All fabulously dressed, naturally.

Which leads me to a big dilemma: what THE BAJEEZUS do I wear?!? It usually takes me ages to pakc, but today it was just silly. I'm likely going to find myself surrounded by fashion journalists, models and designers, all of whom will be impeccably stylish. And then there'll be me. Oh dear... Well, you can only do your best can'tcha? But, God... I just imagine the Cosmo ladies judging me when we meet. What if they immediately dislike me!?

I think I need to calm down. This is the hunger talking.

Well... fingers crossed I have a fabby few days! Hopefully I'll actually be able to be a help too. Will report back on my experiences, naturally. So watch this space!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Daily Micropleasures 2011 - the 4th lot

Can't you just hear it? Pic from
 9th Feb - The sound of typing on a computer keyboard.
10th Feb - A university offer!
11th Feb - Making someone feel appreciated.
12th Feb - Singing in the shower. You know you do it too.

Mmmm... pic from
 13th Feb - Eating cookies when they're still warm and soft from baking.
14th Feb - An elderly couple walking arm in arm. So sweet, no?
15th Feb - Chocolate melting in your mouth.
16th Feb - When you finally make a difficult decision.

Hope that's brightened up your day, y'all. Remember, it's the teeny, tiny micropleasures that count.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair - a definite success

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair does what it says on the tin, and has been travelling round the UK since 2005, just growing and growing. I went along to one last weekend, so now completely understand why: it's bloomin' brilliant.

It was just £1 to get in (being a student and all... but only £2 otherwise), and as soon as I entered, I was blown away. Stall upon stall of vintage loveliness and retro charm! Clothes, bags, accessories, jewellery, crafty bits and bobs! Homemade cakes and tea! The real cincer for me, dear readers, is that the majority of it all really was affordable too. Yup, even for a student. We're talking silk scarves for £3, jumpers for £10, and a classic Cartier watch for just £15! Naturally, I had to snap that up - it's now sitting proudly on my wrist.

The fair visits 22 UK cities, all listed online, so if there's one not to far away from you, I'd definitely recommend going - you won't regret making the effort! What I loved as much as all the delightful vintage, was doing a bit of people watching amongst many of the quirky visitors - always interesting and amazing streetstyle inspiration, dont'cha think?

I ADORE vintage everything, but often it is just so expensive. I mean, what makes something vintage, as opposed to just secondhand? Is a vintage sale that different from a jumble sale? It seems that there's a real stigma attached to the word "vintage" these days, and everyone wants something with that label on it. This in turn, would seem to drive a lot of vintage sellers to think they can charge extortionate prices. But not at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, no siree. And I tell ya folks, I'll definitely be going back. Keep this one on the DL, and get in there first, because I bet the world and his wife will have cottoned on before we know it, and there'll be nothing left for us! Ssshhh...


Friday, 11 February 2011

The joy of receiving a university offer!

Could be me in a few years! From
It's your average Thursday evening, 7.30ish, and I'm just taking a bowlful of pasta through to the lounge to devour while watching a bit of mindless TV. As you do. But as I'm getting my dinner, my iPhone "pings" in my pocket to let me know I've got an email. "Meh... that won't be anything important, I'll check it after eating", thought I. So off I went, munched through my mammoth bowl of pasta, and after a few minutes, remembered I'd got an email. I nonchalantely check my phone - and: OMG! "Update from King's College London. This email is to notify you of a new message or decision regarding your application to the Bachelor of Arts in French (four year) at King’s College London". AHHHH! Oh God, oh God! I pause the TV (how I ever lived without Sky+ I'll never know) sprint through to the kitchen, screaming to my mum.

The thing is, I'd been starting to worry I wouldn't get any more offers, and hadn't heard from any of the unis I applied to since early November (bar Cambridge, but they're just a special case now aren't they?) I was trying so hard not to get my hopes up, and technology was not helping. The internet servers on both my Dad's computer and my Mum's laptop wouldn't let me on to the KCL admissions site, so I was sitting there, tearing my hair out, as the page slowly loaded on my iPhone.

IT WAS GOOD NEWS! No, infact, it was FANTASTIC, AMAZING, THRILLING news! I started crying and screaming, and ran to throw my arms round my mum, jumping on to her (probably slightly crushing her at the same time). YIPPEEEEE! London, baby! I love the course, I love the uni, and I bloody love London! It's where everything happens, and if you ask me, is the fashion capital of the world.

Sure, I already had an offer in the bag, but wasn't totally smitten with it. I mean, sure, I'm sure I would've been happy there... but I was just desperately hoping for an offer from just one of my other three that I've applied to. I'm still waiting to hear from Bristol and Edinburgh (which are ridiculously popular and hard to get into), but it'll be OK now if they do reject me, as I have an offer from KCL. Boom. Thank you very much.

Considering how we read in the papers every bloomin' day about how "there're not enough uni places", "one in two applicants won't get an offer" and "life for students is going to get worse and worse forever", I was getting totally worried that I'd be forced to take a gap yah, thus having to suffer from the ridiculous fee-rise starting in 2012. Not cool, government. Not cool at all.

What's more, this was the eve of my Dad's birthday, and he said this news was the best birthday present he could've had (aww). However... he hasn't had my actual present yet - more on that later ;)


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

2011's daily micropleasures - the 3rd lot

My New Year's Resolution of noting down the teensy pleasures in life continues:

She looks pretty happy, no?
28th Jan - When someone is wearing or using a present you gave them.
29th Jan - When asking nicely for something is enough.
30th Jan - Feeling super clean after a shower.
31st Jan - Passing someone you know whilst driving.

1st Feb - Thinking of the perfect gift for someone.
2nd Feb - When the first shoots of the year appear.
3rd Feb - Finishing a big essay.
4th Feb - The feeling when you take off your high heels.
5th Feb - Smiling at someone across a room.
6th Feb - Watching wax drip off a candle.
7th Feb - Seeing the stars whilst driving in the dark.
8th Feb - Being asked how something important went.

Now who feels a teensy smidgin happier? I sure do. To hopefully lift your mood just a little more, try reading my previous installment of micropleasures here.

Friday, 4 February 2011

How social media can help you get into fashion journalism

Everyone know that to get on in the world today, it's all about networking, interning and who you know. So, being the ambitious young thing that I am, I'm working my butt off doing work experience here, there, and everywhere. Most people are usually really impressed with where I've got work experience lined up (Cosmo anyone?), and often ask me how I've managed it all.

Well, the majority has come about through enthousiasm and sheer persistance: let me tell you, lots of emails have been sent, phone calls made, and even the odd letter written (yup, even in this day and age!) However, I've also managed to use social media to get ahead... and here's how:

  • Twitter - This year, my school half term coincides with London Fashion Week (woohoo!), so there was no way I was just going to sit at home when I could be getting involved somehow. I follow oodles of fashion journalists and the like on ole Twitter, so a few weeks ago, tweeted lots of fashion editors, magazines and companies asking if anyone needed extra assistance during LFW, and asking them to retweet me. The response I got was amazing! Loads of people suggested people to contact, but most exciting of all: Cosmo's fashion editor tweeted back to me to call her at Cosmo the next day! *squeal* Oh. My. God. Was I excited or what? I genuinely couldn't believe I was even calling the Cosmo offices, and that they knew who I was! So after sending off my CV and a covering email explaining my situation, I'm now going to be assisting Cosmo's fashion team during the second half of LFW! Ahhhhh! Maybe I will just be getting tea, taking notes and holding umbrellas, but to be honest, even that is ridiculously exciting for me. Just  being able to meet these people will be like a dream come true. And all because I was proactive on Twitter, eh?

  • Facebook: I'm a "fan" of More! magazine on Facebook, and a few weeks ago noticed they'd posted saying they were offering some two-week work experience placements, asking applicants to email them with a covering letter and CV. Obviously, I did, and with great success! Who's doing two weeks work experience in More!'s fashion department!? Only lil ole me. *beams from ear to ear*

So what can I say, folks? It's strange to think that about five years ago, it wouldn't have been possible for these things to happen. Embrace technology and be proactive is my advice. If you don't try, you'll never know. Has anyone else used social media to further their careers? I'd love to hear your stories.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Spring Fashion Has Sprung!

Rejoice, mes amis! For January is over for another year! We have all (just about) made it through the gloomiest, suckiest, dullest month once more, and things are starting to look up. Oh yes, here comes my Springtime optimism (if slightly prematurely)... today I saw some shoots popping up out of the groud, the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Let's just ignore the rain early on, shall we?

But seemingly even keener to welcome Spring than me, is the British high street. I swear the Spring collections pop up earlier every year. After having a browse a few days ago, I can safely say that anyone like me won't be disappointed! Naturally, nautical pieces and florals have come round once again like clockwork (but realistically, we want to wear them each Spring), along with the beginning of 70s style pieces which are set to be huge this Spring/Summer according to trend forecasters (and every single British fashion magazine!)

I particularly liked the simple feel to H&M's new stock, which is rare for me (usually a more-is-more kinda gal). Flicking through their latest catalogue which I picked up instore (I know, since when do H&M do a catalogue and mail order? Well I'm not complaining. Much better than their previous catazine attempts in my book anyway), all I wanted was for the sun to come out so I could start wearing pretty little skirts (without tights) and T-Shirts (that actually aren't hidden under mulitple jumpers and coats).

So for now, Britain, I suppose we shall just have to wait. We can gawp at the pieces in shops, buy them, and then gawp some more at them in our wardrobes, while waiting and desperately hoping that it might eventually warm up. Alternatively, a holiday might just do the trick...
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