Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm baaaack! Again! And need your help... please.

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OK, I know I'm pants to the max. There has been some serious blog-neglection on my part, and I'm not proud of it. Over the summer I was just hardly ever home thanks to travels and internships (hard life, I know) so could barely ever get to my blog. And then when everything started to calm down I didn't know where to re-start. In fact, I still don't. I'm starting uni in a week and a bit (which is both super exciting and somewhat daunting), my birthday's on Friday and have decided that I'm going to try and be a much better blogger. Promise! A little comment from one of my Twitter followers today (you know who you are!) has reminded me that lots of lovely people are actually still reading my posts (and hopefully finding them interesting!), and has prompted me to get the ball rolling again.

I've got about a kajillion things I want to tell you about, but quite frankly don't know where to start or which ones to blog about. So, dear readers, why don't you let me know from the list below what you'd most like to hear about. That way, I can skip the things that will bore you to tears, and tell you what you really want to know.

  1. My first-hand travel guides (Paris, North Norfolk, the Algarve...)
  2. My experience interning at a fashion PR company.
  3. My experience interning at a weekly celeb mag (where my first ever article was published! *squeal*)
  4. Thoughts on A-Level results and preparing for uni.
  5. Recipes: from unbelievably easy sweet 'n' sour chicken to white chocolate cupcakes
  6. My latest high-street picks!
  7. How much I love being an English country girl in Autumn, and why.
  8. More daily micropleasures.
  9. Any excuse for a pic of this lot! And I know I'm a good 5 years older than their average fan. Meh. Who's your fave? We all have one...
  10. My new found One Direction obsession - don't be ashamed if this is what you most want me to blog about, now...

And you know what there's probably loads more that will come to me when I'm lying in bed struggling to get to sleep, but that's all I can think of for now. So please, get in touch! Let me know what you really want to read about, lovelies - drop me a comment below, or tweet me @rachel_hosie. As a blogger, we want readers to get in touch. And thank to those of you who've stuck with stellarstudentstyle over my shameful absence.

Peace and love. x
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