Sunday, 29 April 2012

Being a social media intern

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So, I am a social media intern. I love saying that as it sounds really cool, don't you think? But not only am I a social media intern, I am a social media intern who works in the very interesting area of social TV analytics (and doesn't that sound snazzy!?) AND not only that, but I am also a paid social media intern, because unpaid internships are just unfair on so many levels. Have I said social media intern too many times?

Anyhoo, in the aforementioned role, I get to do lots of interesting stuff such as analysing what people are saying on Twitter about TV shows. The very clever guys at the company I work for, SecondSync, do lots of techy things that I can't understand and create fascinating graphs and stats that reflect how people are reacting online to what they're watching on their tellyboxes. It's all about the second screen these days isn't it? How many of you sit on your sofa in front of the TV whilst also tapping away on an iPad or smartphone? Yeah... I thought so.

I also get to write little blogs for them when I find out interesting things, the first of which has just gone up here: it's about when Twitter hashtags that originally referred to a TV show end up going viral worldwide - a more common occurrence than you might think. Have a lookie and let me know what you think!

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