Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hair dying: from blonde to brunette

Leighton Meester certainly pulls of both - which do you prefer? (pic from 
Throughout my teenage years I've had long golden hair - I first got highlights on top of my light brown locks when I was 13, and it has gradually gone lighter and lighter to the point that I was full on blonde (with, yes alright, the tell-tale darker roots - unlike Jennifer Aniston, I can't afford touch-ups every two weeks!) However,  last week I took the plunge and decided to dye it darker, which is a big deal for me. I'd decided it was time for a change, but am just too chicken to go for a chop (my hair is very long!)

I was hoping to go a sort of Millie Mackintosh (from Made In Chelsea, if you didn't know) light brown colour, but it has in fact come out more the colour of Emily Blunt in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (which, by the way, is a magnificent film.) I suppose this is the risk you take when you go for a junior stylist (she was a reduced price, you see). But all the same, I am loving my new hair! I feel it makes my eyes look bluer, and have received lots of compliments. Some have gone so far as to say it suits me better than my previous hair colour. The slight problem is that each time I wash it, my hair gets lighter, so I could potentially be back where I started in no time. I suppose only time will tell.

So for now I'm going to find out whether it's true that blondes do have more fun. Watch this space...

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