Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Skinny love: My addiction to bright skinny trousers.

Love! Skinny jeans: £14.99 from hm.com/gb
Mum has always told me that my legs are my best asset, and for a long time I didn't believe her, as I swanned around in baggy boyfriend jeans, taken in by passing trends as I was. A word of advice, dear readers: listen to your mothers. She was right. And I realised skinny trousers are my best friends. But I don't just love them because they highlight the slim legs I'm fortunate to have (and I got them from my Papa, much to Mama's dismay!)... skinny trousers are fun! Well, my many many pairs are anyway, as most of them are bold colours or crazy prints.

Needless to say, I am enjoying the current trends. The high street is awash with bright skinny jeans and I am loving it! My dark purple velvetty high waisters (which have prompted the nickname Willy Wonker on numerous occasions) and rich Christmassy red cords have been cast to the back of my wardrobe, ready to be replaced by floral prints and delightfully sweet pastel shades. There's something about a funky trouser that just lifts my mood. I suppose they also distract from my less-than-underwear-model-like top half.

My latest purchase was rather bargainous at just £14.99 and I am getting a lot of joy out of these H&M babies (especially as they're stretchy so fit like a glove):

Before that I also purchased this fun floral pair from Primark (I can't even remember how little they cost but I think it was a mere £9. Student win right there.):

Another relatively recent addition to my ridiculous collection was these beauties from River Island - they were a treat from the generous mother so I can't tell you the price, but I CAN tell you that I spotted them in the sale a week or so ago so act fast, bargain hunters! Oh, and they're also available in pink and white, which, let's face it, is awesome.

Does anyone else have strange clothing obsessions? There was a day when I thought this was a passing phase and I was going to become a skirt kinda gal. But no. I'm all about the skinny trouser. And proud.

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