Friday, 6 April 2012

A Twitter-fueled One Direction obsession...

Hi everyone. I’m Rachel, and I’m a One Direction-aholic. It all started back in 2010 on The X Factor: their five cherub-like little faces popped up on my TV screen, and I knew in that moment… it was love, and there was no point trying to deny it. The trouble is that not everyone so understands my unrequited and unconditional love. Believe me, I’ve tried to explain myself when people say “I don’t get what’s so great about them”, and “They’re just little boys”, but sometimes, love can’t be explained, can it? For the record, Louis is actually older than me, so I’m not a complete paedo. The same cannot be said for Cougarline Flack though. What a perv. And Harry’s mine so she should just stay away. Alright, Cazza? His curls along with my freckles are going to make for one cute baby someday.

Oh, sorry… I may have started daydreaming there. What was I saying? Right. Yes: my obsession. So after realising that other people just don’t understand, I decided to keep my love slightly under wraps. That is, I took down my second calendar, only kept up half the 20 posters I’d brought to uni, started dancing round my room listening to their songs through headphones as opposed to out loud, and restrained my fandom (definitely NOT stalking) to the confines of my laptop. Should anyone be interested, I can without a doubt tell you that (yes, the website for pre-teen girls) is hands down the best place to go for your hourly fix of 1D goss. But you didn’t hear it from me. Because my One Direction love is top-secret.

Sure, I know all their birthdays off the top of my head, could tell you where each member is most of the time, and know all the lyrics to every song on their album, but compared to some of the One Direction fangirls (we call ourselves ‘Directioners’), I’m nothing. No, seriously. These girls are really quite scary: they camp outside the boys’ houses, chase down the tour bus, and engage in fierce Twitter battles with Beliebers (Justin Bieber’s fangirls, don’t’cha know) defending One Direction. Quite frankly, if I was a member of One Direction I’d be bloody terrified. And as you may have gathered, I’m not Caroline Flack’s biggest fan (for anyone who’s been living under a rock for the past few months, she’s the 32 year old TV presenter who went out with 18 year old Harry Styles… don’t get me started on that level of wrongness), but she got death threats from Directioners, and that is definitely too extreme, even in my mind.

One Direction always say they love their fans (I’m sure they mean me in particular, obvs), but I wonder if they do ever get scared by the extremes some of their Directioners go to… evidence of which can often be found on Twitter: not a day goes by where a One Direction related topic isn’t among the top trends. Boybands have always had hoards of teenage girl fans (think about your mum and Take That), but it’s interesting to see how a new generation boyband has unleashed a new style of fangirls. Any time Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam or Zayn tweets anything; they are immediately bombarded with replies, retweets and spam messages from girls just begging to be noticed. Naturally I am above this sort of nonsense and never take part in such activities. Alright, you got me. Maybe I have done on the odd occasion. But who are you to judge? Twitter feeds our celeb worshipping culture, giving us glimpses into their seemingly glamorous, exclusive lives. A fellow uni student with a vast Twitter following has actually been tweeted and is followed by none other than Lady Gaga, the most followed person on Twitter at the moment, which makes him something of a celebrity in himself. Gaga’s 19,978,258 followers (at my time of writing, although every time you refresh her page it changes) makes my 500 or so seem a little feeble.

But how much should we know about these celebs? The more they tweet, the more we love them, and thus the more obsessed we become. It’s from Twitter that I know that Niall loves Nando’s almost more than life itself, Liam is afraid of spoons, Louis loves carrots, Zayn has three sisters and Harry’s favourite pizza toppings are chicken and sweetcorn (I’m not even making this up when I say they are mine too.  He also speaks French and German, which just happens to be the degree I am currently studying. Convenient, huh? Seriously Harry, if you’re reading this, get in touch.) I went to see their first tour, and I’ve already got tickets to see them in 2013. Boom. I shall no longer keep my love a secret (this article has pretty much outed me), so yes: I’m Rachel, and I’m a proud Directioner.

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