Tuesday, 8 May 2012

RECIPE: The Easiest, Scrummiest Bake Ever - chocolate peanut butter granola bites

I feel the desire to bake most of the time. But yesterday, probably due to the combination of bank holiday, revision and rain, the urge was even stronger. The trouble is that I'm in a catered hall of residence, and thus our "kitchens" (if you can call them that) are extremely temperamental and ill-equipped. They're supposed to be there for warming up the odd ready meal and making toast. Although in Freshers' Week the fire alarm was set off twice in one night by some genius trying to make toast in the microwave. Needless to say, I was not impressed. TWICE IN ONE NIGHT, PEOPLE!

Erm, anyway. I don't have any utensils or much by the way of baking ingredients, but I needed to make something delicious, and so I invented a ridiculously simple concoction using what I had, and it turned out absolutely yummy according to my grateful friends. Oh alright, and I thought so too.

So here's what I made: a sort of chocolate, peanut butter oat square. It tasted a bit like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups mixed with a flapjack. I completely guessed quantities and didn't make that much as I was just improvising, so I'll try and estimate for you all to try, but it really doesn't matter if you change quantities around a bit.


100g milk chocolate (that quantity is a complete guess... I used a leftover Easter egg!)
Two very heaped tablespoon of smooth peanut butter. Or you could use crunchy if you're that way inclined.
Four tablespoons of of honey (I used the little pots they give us at breakfast, obvs)
Two handfuls of fruit and nut granola (again, the ratio between these four ingredients is up to you... have a play with it!)

  1. Melt together the chocolate, peanut butter and honey in a glass bowl resting on top of a pan of gently simmering water, making sure the bottom of the bowl doesn't actually touch the water, and stir as you go. 
  2. Remove from the heat and stir in your granola.
  3. Pour into a foil-lined tin, or if you're a fellow student, probably a leftover take-away container.
  4. Leave to cool to room temperature then transfer to the fridge to chill and set for an hour or so... et voila! Take out, slice up, and devour. Simples!
It's not even really baking, but it sure is fun and delicious! And you could try mixing in all sorts of other things, such as different cereals, mini marshmallows, chopped up dried fruits... go crazy and let me know what you try.


  1. Think I might make something similar to this tomorrow :) was looking for a quick, easy recipe that means I don't need to go shopping but still makes something delish! Brill!

    1. Good choice. These yummy bites are SO perf for when you have limited ingredients... Hello, student life, eh? Hope you enjoyed!


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