Friday, 29 June 2012

A blog post from New York City

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Hello readers. I have now been in the one and only New York City for over a week now, and I realise it's been even longer than that since I blogged. Sorry. Bad Rachel.

I'm currently looking out of the window of my friend's apartment (yes - my best friend is studying here which explains how I'm able to stay in NYC for so long on a student budget) at The Empire State Building and a very VERY hot New York bustling along five floors down. Yellow cabs everywhere, I tell ya. It amazes me that such is the view outside her window, and if I lived here it would never cease to do so.

Anyhoo, my past week and a bit has involved all sorts of things, including (in no particular order): an $8 manicure, lots of froyo, super hot yoga, shopping (a bit - see below), $1 slices of pizza bigger than my face, a free boat trip to Staten Island, peanut butter flavoured EVERYTHING, looking at engagement rings in Tiffany's, going to fashion exhibitions and indie cinemas, jogging by the Hudson River, cupcakes with filling inside them(!), Chinatown, Little Italy, Soho, Greenwich Village, the Meatpacking District, getting lost in the Gay Pride parade, seeing Krysten Ritter (from Don't Trust The B**** In Apt 23 - my new fave TV show - and Confessions of a Shopaholic), finding freebies here, there and everywhere, and, of course, being told how awesome my accent is. As you can imagine, I'm having a jolly good time.

There's lots going on here, naturally, and the people-watching is on a whole new level, but I think to really enjoy New York and all it has to offer, it helps to be rich. Literally. (I love how Americans say that word.) I have found a fair few bargainous ways to get by (and still have much more planned for my last few days, don't you worry!) but everything really is very expensive here. I suppose that's just the (literal) price you have to pay for such fabulousness. And standard for such a huge city.

Of course, New York shopping is legendary. But again, it's not generally the most affordable, and I'm actually surprised by how little I've spent here. Forever 21 is a kajillion times better here in the US than it is in England, FYI, and amazingly affordable. Everywhere you go in New York there are so many beautiful, lovely things to wish for - from independent boutiques, to quirky vintage shops via huge department stores - but most of this nice stuff isn't quite so nicely priced. C'est la vie, eh? Also, not so mnay high street shops offer student discounts here - what is that about? America, get your act together.

But never fear, dear readers! I plan on writing up a blog post of the best shops, eating places and general things to do in New York for free or very little money. Hoorah! Students rejoice! For now though, I'm going to leave you and get back to enjoying what is potentially the most fabulous city in the world.

PS if you want to check out all my NYC adventures as they're happening, do follow my Twitter and Instagram @rachel_hosie.

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