Friday, 31 August 2012

How to make authentic Wiener Schnitzel

My Wiener Schnitzel!
During my time here in Vienna, I'm determined to sample as much traditional Austrian culture as I can (whilst simultaneously sharing some English culture - I'm making the family a Victoria Sponge later today!), so eating Wiener Schnitzel was a definite must on my list. I'm not usually a pork fan, but I actually reeeaaally liked it cooked like this: it's so thin and covered in breadcrumbs therefore not overly porky. Sehr lecker. Schnitzel is also super easy to make - I was taught by the 13 year old boy I'm a pairing for. Watch out, uni housemates... I'm going to be Schnitzelling everything from now on! One pork steak feeds one person. Here's how you can sample some Viennese cuisine yourself:

1. Warm a frying pan on the hob with a little butter or oil in.

2. Pound your pork steaks with a, um, poundy utensil until they're really thin.

3. Fill three flattish bowls with plain white flour, whisked eggs (two or three) and breadcrumbs (bought in a packet) - one in each bowl, that is.

4. Next, dip a pork steak in the flour bowl and toss it around until all the pork is covered, then put it in the bowl of whisked eggs until covered, then do the same with the breadcrumbs. Your hands get messy, but it's actually rather fun.

5. When the frying pan is hot, fry your coated pork steak until golden, turning it over to make sure it's cooked all round. And there you have it - Schnitzel!


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