Thursday, 13 September 2012


Me in my moment of fame in more! mag
This is jolly exciting! Despite the fact that this week's issue of more! magazine has been out for a whole two days, I have only just found out that I (along with my Lindor cupcake recipe) am featured on the "Feeling Foodie" page of the mag! *squeal*
Yup, sharing the page with fellow 19 year old Conor Maynard is none other than little old me. And you, dear followers of handbagsandcupcakes of course had the opportunity to make your own magazine-worthy cupcakes before the rest of the UK even knew they existed! Thinking about it, this page in the mag probably isn't the best example of the diet of a 19 year old: pizza with curry sauce followed by Lindor cupcakes. It is, however, probably somewhat accurate for many a student out there.

I sent my recipe in to more! aaages ago, then a couple of months later I got a reply saying they wanted to use my recipe and asking me to answer their foodie related questions, then I got sent a copy of the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book (as if being in the mag wasn't enough of a prize, this book is amazing!), but I didn't actually know when my recipe was going to appear. It doesn't help that I'm currently living in Vienna working as an au pair... There's only so many times you can keep reminding your mum and sister to check more! mag for you.

This week's issue of more! mag
So I haven't actually seen the magazine myself yet - needless to say I have instructed the aforementioned mother to buy numerous copies - but I have been able to see a picture (thanks Alison!). For anyone who hasn't got a copy (although I'm sure you'll all be rushing off to your local newsagent after finishing reading this blog post) or can't read the picture too well, here's how my interview section of the article goes:

Student, 19, Leicestershire

What's your favourite food?
A no-brainer for me - cake!

What's your guilty pleasure?
Cookie dough, cake mixture or icing. I also like peanut butter or Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon.

Where did you last eat out?
An Italian restaurant on holiday with my family.

What's your favourite takeout?
Indian. I love a creamy chicken korma with with a sweet coconut Peshwari naan bread.

What's your favourite family meal when you go home?
My mum's lasagne. Her cheese sauce cannot be beaten.

Sweet or savoury?
Sweet, every time. I could easily have three puddings for starter, main and dessert.

What do you drink when you go out?
Sweet drinks that don't really taste like alcohol! Malibu, Baileys and Amaretto are my faves.

Meat or veggie?
I'm not a big meat eater because I don't like the texture. I could happily be vegetarian - I love Quorn.

What's your signature dish?
Cakes. This one has a surprise inside. Yum!"

So there you have it! Reading it back, I realise I sound like a complete and utter sugar addict. I'm going to blame that on, erm, the editing. Yes. I'm not reeeaaally addicted to sugar. Sweet tooth? Me? Never. Just take a look at all my blog posts about, erm, cakes...

Moving on! This is extremely exciting for moi, as I can't say I'm used to appearing in national magazines. The teeensy "article" I had published in Star magazine about a year ago is in a frame in my bedroom. No joke.

my "article" in star mag last year
So off you pop then! Go get your souvenir editions of more! mag (but save some for me when I get home from Austria please!)

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