Friday, 7 September 2012

Vienna in September = Simply Wunderschön!

Autumn leaves in Vienna
September is one of my favourite months of the year - not only is it my birthday (yay!), but I think the back-to-school feeling of la rentrée gives September a sense of new beginnings and starting over. It also happens to be (fingers crossed!) a beautiful time of the year: the green leaves of summer start to turn crisp and golden, yet the sun is still shining and the sky is still blue. A certain freshness can be felt in the air, but the days are still long enough to enjoy the evenings. September is all about picking new things, from blackberries at the bottom of the garden to pencil cases in a long-lasting trip to W H Smiths.

However, September this year for me hasn't featured either of those activities (yet) as I have the pleasure of spending the first half of the month in Vienna, Austria's capital city. Anyone who's been here will know quite how beautiful a city it is at any time of the year, and to be fair I have no other time to compare it to, but I think Vienna is looking pretty great right now. All the summer tourists have left and the kids have gone back to school - the city seems to be getting back into its usual day-to-day life, yet the cafés pouring out on to the pavements are still full with people taking their time to enjoy their kaffee und kuchen.

The amazing thing about Vienna is that pretty much every single building is beautiful, old, opulent, grand, and well, pretty breathtaking. With the backdrop of a bright blue sky and surrounded by leaves that are just starting to turn auburn, they look even better. The city is a joy to walk around, as I have been discovering. And because I felt the need to share Vienna's current beauty with the world, you, dear reader, can now take a virtual stroll round Vienna in September through my photos...

The sunsetting in Vienna
Outside the Staatsoper
Hofburg Palace
A market outside Hofburg Palace
It rained but Vienna still looked beautiful
Stefansdom (the cathedral)

Inside the quirky Museums Quartier
The Staatsoper


  1. Vienna looks amazing, it is on my list of places to visit in 2017.


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