Friday, 23 November 2012

Guys' style and my fave looks on a man

A good sense of style (along with an equally good sense of humour) is extremely attractive in a man. I know I'm not the only girl who's spotted a potential male in the wild, only to be put off instantly by a dodgy earring or pair of shoes.

Although men's fashion doesn't get as much attention as women's, I think it deserves to. There's a lot men can do with their look, and this seems to finally be getting a bit more recognition thanks to a new generation of stylish men, such as my friend Nathan Beesley (whose fabulous blog you can read here). It seems that it's much more acceptable for guys my age to show an interest style and their appearance than it was for my dad's generation. This is definitely a good thing in my eyes.

As a single lady, I do often think it would be nice to have a guy for whom to choose the odd nice item of clothing - as hard as I try, there's only so much a girl can do to get her man-styling kicks out (my dad and brother suffer/benefit from this at every Christmas and birthday).

I recently wrote a post about my style 'no-no's for girls, so here are my style 'yes-yes's for guys:

1. Pointy shoes. Preferably in tan leather, but I'm not picky. (Yet picky enough that I couldn't find the perfect picture of what I mean online.)

2. Swishy hair. (I am powerless to resist)

Could it be any swishier? (pic from

3. Blazers.

Oh Look Harry Styles is illustrating my point perfectly again. (from
4. Colourful trousers - boldness in general really.

Definitely NOT a member of One Direction (pic from
5. Breton striped tops.

See? I like other 1D members too. Here's Louis Tomlinson. (from

Thinking about it, I really like these styles on girls too. In fact, it's basically my style. But on a man. Hmm. That's odd. I know it may also seem like I have just described Harry Styles, but I assure you that is purely a coincidence. He just happens to illustrate my points nicely. I think. Moving on... Here are my 'no-no's:

1. Skinny jeans. Just no. Even Harry Styles wears these some times. Not ideal. (I do love wearing these myself though.)

Frankie Cocozza. Pic from
2. Piercings. Hate them.

not even David Beckham makes an earring look good. (from
3. Jewellery in general (unless you're a sun-kissed Australian surfer dude. Yes, I just said dude.)

4. Football shirts. You are not a professional footballer. And even they look stupid.

5. Long hair. Leave it to us girls, please.

I just don't think this looks good. (from
Got it? Good. Please do not offend my eyes with such atrocities in future. Do you agree with my opinions?

UPDATE: The aforementioned stylish male Nathan Beesley has written a cracking response to this blog post which you can read here. Although he may not share my love of Harry Styles, it's refreshing and amusing as ever to hear his view.


  1. Some boys can do skinny jeans...... depends on the boy! Agreed about the hair though- leave that to us! x

    1. You think? Even Frankie Cocozza skinny? I personally don't like it, but that's just me :) x

  2. Skinny jeans look great and colorful trousers too, can add a matching blazer with a nice tee or shirt, perfect outfit.

    1. Ooh yeah I'm definitely a fan of the blazer/colourful trousers combo. Thanks for reading! x


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