Wednesday, 19 December 2012

50 reasons why Christmas is the best

I can't quite believe it's less than a week until Christmas. The build up to the festive period seems to have been going on for ages, and despite the commercialisation of it all, this is my favourite time of the year. I recently read something that said Christmas isn't a day, it's a state of mind. And I have been well and truly in that state of mind for a good few weeks now. Loving Christmas 2K12.

Yup, I'm the girl who wears tinsel in her hair, glittery eye-liner and jingle-bell earrings from 1st December. I'm the girl who walks down the street with a huge grin on her face because she's listening to her Christmas playlist. And I'm the girl who gets a little bit sad around about now every year because the festive period is almost over. No, really. Even though we've not even had actual Christmas Day yet.

Most people like Christmas. I love it. I know it's a hard time of year for some, and others find it very stressful - I'm not going to name this person for fear of the backlash they would receive, but a certain someone I know suggested we have Christmas once every two years, or "Christmas Lite" every other year. Just no. Don't even get me started.

But I digress. I LOVE Christmas. And here's why:

  1. Everything is sparklier
  2. Christmas TV
  3. Christmas films
  4. Mince pies are everywhere
  5. Finding the perfect present for someone
  6. Singing carols
  7. Harmonising in a carol
  8. Belting out the descant of a carol (final verse of Hark The Herald, anyone?)
  9. People offer you chocolate. All the time
  10. Beautifully wrapped presents under the tree
  11. Putting up a Christmas tree
  12. The smell of a real Christmas tree
  13. Decorating your Christmas tree with the same decorations as every year
  14. Going to Church for (probably) the only time each year
  15. Bumper Christmas editions of magazines
  17. Leftovers from Christmas lunch
  18. Writing Christmas cards
  19. Getting actual nice post (in the form of Christmas cards)
  20. Hearing from and seeing old friends
  21. Family traditions (as weird as they may be. Yes, Hosies, I'm talking about us)
  22. Glitzy Christmas parties
  23. Sparkly Christmas dresses
  24. Seeing your boss get drunk at the work party
  25. Festive specials at Starbucks and Costa and the like
  26. Christmassy carrier bags and packaging (loving Costa's takeaway cups this year)
  27. Christmas adverts that actually bring a tear to your eye - it's not just me, right?
  28. It being acceptable to have chocolate with breakfast for 25 days
  29. It being acceptable to have chocolate and Champagne for breakfast on actual Christmas Day
  30. It being acceptable to eat as much as you want on actual Christmas Day
  31. Seeing relatives
  32. Hanging out your stocking
  33. Going to see a panto
  34. Everyone is jollier
  35. People are generally kinder
  36. Getting presents (c'mon, it's true)
  37. Christmas lights around city streets
  38. Christmas lights on houses
  39. Christmas wreaths on front doors
  40. Seeing Christmas trees in front rooms from outside
  41. Shops' window displays
  42. Stollen
  43. Christmas-themed baking
  44. Reminiscing about Christmases past
  45. Waking up to see a bulging stocking
  46. Everything smells good (I'm thinking cinnamon, ginger and spices...)
  47. Nativity shows
  48. Christmas spirit
  49. There's a magical feel in the air
  50. Christmas jumpers
Boom. Am I right or am I right? What have I missed? YAY CHRISTMAS! 

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