Friday, 7 December 2012

Easy chocolate no-bake fridge cakes - studentbeans article

Being the end of term and all (essays and deadlines galore!), I'm unfortunately not finding as much time to blog as I'd like to (boo!). However, I have managed to write another article for "12 simple chocolate fridge cakes".

All the recipes can be made without even turning the oven on. Yes, really. So, do you like the sound of chocolate peanut butter granola squares (which are also on my blog here), super chocolatey cheesecake, classic chocolate fridge cake, Mars Bar Rice Krispie cake, sweetie rocky road, Maltesers cheesecake, chocolate cornflake nests, chocolate custard biscuit layer cake, chocolate tart, rocky road cheesecake, jazzed up chocolate biscuit cake, or chocolate orange mousse cake? Phew! Anyone craving chocolate now? 

And if you like what you read (and it would seem my cake-related articles always do get the most "likes"), why not click on through and read the whole article here.

""What's that you say? I can make cakes without actually baking?" Yes my friends, yes you can.
The following recipes don't require you to go anywhere near an oven (although it's likely that you will be if both your fridge and oven are in the kitchen), so you don't have to worry about forgetting your cake while it's cooking and ending up with a sad, blackened mess. We've all been there. It's tragic.
These easy chocolatey cakes will go down a treat with everyone and are merely set in the fridge. Simples."

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