Friday, 4 January 2013

RACHEL LOVES: Colourful Kate Spade bangles

I first fell in love with Kate Spade and her quirky, fun fashions when I went to New York for a few days with my mum to celebrate my 18th birthday. Now, mother dearest must have remembered and told Father Christmas just how much I love Kate Spade, as the man in the red suit was very very kind to me last month. In my Santa Sack last Christmas, I came across this beautifully wrapped package (and doesn't the packaging make such a difference?):

Naturally, I was extremely excited on discovering this little box. However, my excitement reached a whole new level upon opening it up and discovering the beauties inside. Behold, two adorable bangles. Not only are they stunning individually, but they look even more striking together.


One of the things I love most about Kate Spade is just how cheery all her designs are: bright colours, cute sayings and quirky ideas a-plenty. Personally, I think fashion should be fun, and Kate Spade certainly is.

Father Christmas also chose these two bangles very well for me, being the overly optimistic freak that I am. "Look on the bright side" is basically how I live my life, so I love having that mantra round my wrist to remind me if I ever get low. Even better still, these bracelets have pearls of wisdom hidden on the inside too: "Hit your stride" and "The glass is half full". Absolutely love it. I think if my friends ever need cheering up, I may refrain from even saying anything, and just hold up these bracelets of wisdom.

There's something really special about fine jewellery too. What can I say? I'm such a girl. Give me something shiny and I'm sold. These bangles are beautifully made, stylish, will go with EVERYTHING thanks to their many colours, and are practically educational. What's not to love? Thank you, Father Christmas (and mum!)

Kate Spade makes clothes, jewellery, bags, shows, technology cases, make-up bags and more, and now has two stores in London (hoorah!): one in Covent Garden and the other in Sloane Square. Go go go!

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