Wednesday, 2 January 2013

RACHEL LOVES: Russell and Bromley Miniwillow tote bag

Russell and Bromley Miniwillow handbag in wine

Isn't this handbag just ridiculously beautiful? Quite frankly, I don't think the picture even does it justice. A few weeks ago, I was Christmas shopping with my mum and sister - all right, I was pointing things out to my mum to put on my wish list - and we found ourselves in the Russell and Bromley just off Sloane Square in London. I know, how Made In Chelsea are we!?

We went in to look for shoes for my sister, but obviously, yours truly went straight over to the handbags. And I fell in love. The Willow handbag is such a classic design and is somewhat iconic now. But this Winter, Russell and Bromley have brought out a slightly smaller version, the Miniwillow. And it is GORGEOUS.

All Russell and Bromley handbags are beautifully made - I'm a sucker for smooth, soft, good quality leather - and for me that's a real part of the appeal of a fine handbag.

The bag comes in a range of (mostly classic) colours, but my favourite is undoubtedly the wine. I absolutely adore rich plum/burgundy/wine tones, particularly in autumn and winter, and to be honest when I tried the Miniwillow on for size in the shop (cheating on my beloved Mulberry, I know), I thought we made a perfect couple.

Sadly, at £210, I couldn't quite justify splashing out on a new handbag for myself. I know. It's tragic. Don't cry for me. Never mind, I thought, I'll wait till after Christmas and keep my fingers crossed that my beloved Miniwillow will be in the sale. Devastatingly (too far?), it's not. Even as I look at the website now I'm ridiculously tempted to click "Add to shopping bag" and spend my hard-earned savings. Oh god, it really is hard to resist.

I suppose I'll just try and wait it out a little longer, hoping beyond hope that it appears in the next sale. Until then, I guess I'll just have to parade around with my oversized Mulberry Alexa. #firstworldproblems


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  2. Love it!!! I'm a true lover of handbags. & this one is really nice. #buyahandbagjustbecause.


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