Saturday, 26 January 2013

Why student life is great.

In my latest article for, I give you a whopping 24 reasons it's great to be a student. And, to make said article a kajillion times more amusing, each reason is beautifully demonstrated by a a hilarious picture of a cat. I cannot take credit for the cat pictures, but have to say the idea is utter genius.

Have a read:

"Let’s face it, you’ve got a pretty sweet deal with this student life thing, yet how often do you moan about deadlines, hangovers and being cold?

And how often do you hear graduates moaning about missing their student days and wishing they could go back? Precisely.

So, next time you feel like curling up in the foetal position and crying “woe is me!”, I suggest you have another look at the following list and remind yourself that actually, student life is bloody great.

1. You can sleep in. A lot.
enter image description here

2. Ergo, You can go out. A lot.
enter image description here

3. And stay up as late as you want.
enter image description here

4. No-one judges you if you’re in your PJs at 3pm…
enter image description here

5. …or eating pizza at 3am.
enter image description here

6. You can drink juice straight from the carton, because it’s YOURS and only yours.
enter image description here

7. You don’t have to persuade your parents you’re too ill to go to classes.
enter image description here

8. It’s perfectly acceptable to use “I can’t afford it” as an excuse.
enter image description here

9. You get discounts on loads of stuff.
enter image description here

10. There are (practically) no boundaries as to what a student can or can’t wear.
enter image description here

11. You don’t have to study subjects you hate any more (well, hopefully).
enter image description here

12. Activities, societies, clubs and trips are all conveniently organised in one place.
enter image description here"

And for the 12 more reasons and cat pictures - let's not lie, the cat pictures are what you want really - click through to the rest of the article here.


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