Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Presenting for UBTV: Bristol RAG Procession

Bristol University RAG (Raising and Giving) Procession is one of the oldest RAG traditions in history - last weekend the 88th annual procession paraded through the streets of Bristol to kick off RAG Week. Our uni TV station, UBTV, was there to cover it all (we were actually there two hours early but that's beside the point), and yours truly was asked to be the presenter. What fun.

I shan't explain what the procession is all about here, that way you'll have to watch the vid. (Mwah ha ha!) Here's the resulting video of what was a really lovely procession, and a little chance for me to flex my presenting muscles once more. I like to think I sound slightly less posh than I did in my first presenting job for UBTV, in which I explained how to make my chocolate orange cupcakes on "Look! I Can Cook!" What do you think?


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