Friday, 12 April 2013

REVIEW: Freeze Frame Brush-On Instant Lash Extensions

a before and after photo
OK, firstly: WOW! A few days ago my mum bought Freeze Frame Instant Lash Extensions, yet none of the girls in our family had got round to trying it out yet... Until today. I was actually about to bake a cake when I got distracted and gave it a try. I'm now so amazed that I've rushed to my laptop to blog about the brush-on extensions - yes, so impressed that I've postponed baking. I hope you realise that is a BIG DEAL.

So, what exactly is Freeze Frame Instant Lash Extensions? Well, it was invented by Scientists in Australia and looks just like a normal mascara wand but claims to add 4-8mm to lashes in seconds. An impressive claim. Now I wouldn't say my lashes have lengthened by 8mm, but they're certainly longer. Inside the mascara tube is a black mixture of a gelly substance and tiny synthetic hairs which then somehow attach to your lashes as you brush it on - it glides on really easily.

Actually, the ease of application is one of the things that's most impressed me. I HATE trying to apply false lashes! It's such a fiddly palava, and then I find the look is always so fake - fine if you're on TOWIE, perhaps, but not the look I tend to go for. These brush on extensions, on the other hand, could not be simpler (or quicker) to apply, and they create a much more natural effect. I would say the look is "Wow, that girl has long eye-lashes but they're not so long that they look unnatural", which is ideal, don't you agree?

It was a little trickier to do my bottom eye-lashes, but they're always more awkward, aren't they? As you mainly want to focus on the tips of your lashes when applying the lash extensions, you then have to finish with a coat of normal mascara, not just to get to the roots of your lashes but also to seal the extensions. And removal is just as simple as application - just use your normal make-up remover.

Exhibit A: top lashes of one eye done
Exhibit B: both eyes done
Exhibit C: a top coat of mascara added
When Freeze Frame Instant Lash Extensions first went on sale in the UK last February, there was a waiting list of 7,000 who'd heard how splendidly it'd been received down under, and now I understand why.

Currently at a price of £27.99 from Boots, it's perhaps not the most student-friendly of beauty products - I'm tempted to steal the madre's but imagine she may just notice - but I suppose you have to consider how long it would last. If you go through a lot of pairs of falsies usually, the brush-on lash extensions may work out as more cost-effective. I have to say, I'm extremely tempted to buy some... I tell myself I'd only use it for special occasions, but realistically, I want extra long lashes every day! What do you think?


  1. Impressive! Would be interested to know how the staying power of the mascara is, waterproof, etc? I have oily eyelids and sensitive eyes so I'm quite picky about my mascara!

    Follow my beauty blog if you like:


    1. Thanks Anisha! I'll let you know how well it stays but I have to say I don't have particularly oily eyelids.

      I do like to peruse your blog too - love your Save or Splurge posts :) x

  2. Ooooooo these look wonderful. Really natural, shame about the price though. Maybe when I FINALLY start earning REAL money...

  3. It looks amazing! I discovered it too and I am hooked. Love the fact it can be removed like mascara.

    1. Thank you - I could so easily get hooked too! The ease of removal is definitely an attraction. Thanks for reading and commenting too :)


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