Thursday, 11 April 2013

The joy of a holiday in a cosy country cottage

I imagine a stay in a country cottage is not at the top of the ideal holiday list for most 20 year olds, but having recently spent a delightful week doing just that, allow me to explain why it's really a very lovely thing to do. Getting drunk in clubs in Ibiza is over-rated anyway, am I right?

Good night to you all
When you live with your uni mates throughout the term, it's particularly nice to spend some time just with your family, and going away from home somehow makes it more special. More relaxing, somehow.

Who doesn't love the warmth of a dog sleeping on your feet?
Peppa does not look impressed with the snow
This Easter holiday, the Hosie fam (minus one very hard-working London-based sports journo of a brother), trouped off to Burnham Market on the North Norfolk coast for a week. Yes, it was Easter, and yes, it was snowing (don't get me started.) Freezing cold weather certainly isn't ideal when your holiday destination's main attraction is its beaches, but luckily we were all perfectly happy with a relaxed week, and it made our cottage seem all the more cosy.

It's the little things
Is there anything better than to be snuggled up on the sofa, by a roaring fire, a hot cup of tea in hand and a dog sleeping by your feet, with snow falling outside the window? Well, maybe there are a few things better, but I'd say that definitely makes the top five. All week I had to resist the urge to sing Christmas carols, but baby, it was cold outside and snow was falling, all around us.

With snug sofas and an incredible fireplace, we could've happily stayed in all week (if it wasn't for the dogs' need to walk and our need to eat, that is.)

What did we get up to then? Well, we stocked up with magazines - Good Housekeeping for mama, Tatler for moi and a Justin Bieber mag for the sister (LOLZ) - and all three of us usually busy ladies enjoyed having the time to actually read them. The cottage already had a load of books, board games and DVDs on offer (which excited me probably a bit too much), and as a family of French-speakers, we took the opportunity to be oh-so-cultured and have a French film fest. We watched Les Intouchables (which is AMAZING, might I add), Petit Nicolas, Manon des Sources, L'Artiste and potentially another that I can't remember, and it was just delightful.

The best chocolate biscuit cake in the world
The sister and I had a lot of fun baking together
Our simple but delicious creation
We baked cake, we bought cake, we ate a lot of cake. I had candle-lit baths and slept in a lush double bed in a quaint room with its own TV - it wasn't even the master bedroom. We went out for the odd dinner, did a spot of browsing in the village and generally didn't do that much, which was, quite frankly, a rare treat.

My room
Our bathroom (parents had another)
Having the time to pamper yourself and just relax without feeling guilty about not doing your work is rare for a lot of us, and if you ask me, a little country cottage is the ideal place in which to do it. So next time you're planning a KERRAZY vacay to some partay island, why not consider something tamer and closer to home. You may not get as much of a tan, but you'll save money, have just as much fun an leave feeling far fresher, that's for sure.

We also went on a little trip to Norwich, about which you can read here.

We stayed in Pebble Cottage.

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